Weekend Coffee Share – Plans Afoot…

If we were having coffee I’d have a lot to say. There has just been so much happening, and it really does feel like it’s been much longer than a week and a half. I’e been very busy having conversations and working on different projects… it has been nice to find the ability to focus again – that power has returned to me just in time.

I’ve been working on putting together information about the “Blessing Bags” that I’m putting together for the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization – it’s a project I’m really excited about and I hope I can pull together a lot for them.  I’m also looking at other organizations I could use this concept for, and have plans to start putting together some for one of the YWCA’s programs after the holidays are over.

I’ve also been trying to get the word out about things that people can do to help fight the terrible things that our newly elected officials are looking at doing. It’s frightening to me that there are people who are willing to sit back and “wait and see” when the things being proposed, the people being appointed to positions of power, and the actions of the president-elect are so clearly encouraging of white supremacists, bigotry, hatred, and personal business interests. I know that there are people out there who want to do something about this, but are not sure where to start – and are overwhelmed by the amounts of information that keep flooding towards us so I’ve been trying – through Facebook, Twitter, and here – to help dig through some of that information and provide some clear information and action steps.  I plan to be coming out with more, specific, posts that help detail things that can be done at all sorts of levels.

It’s a time of new additions to the blog.  I’ve started up the Power of Art series, which will run the third Wednesday of every month.  I’m trying to put all the posts I write that are related to the aftermath of the election (and the issues that have been here for a long time but have been highlighted by the election fall-out) into the “Love not Hate” category.  Starting this Monday I’ll be running the “Monday Updates” (it may get a name revamp if I figure out something more catchy to call it but… titles are not something I’m particularly strong with).  It will include three specific items each week:

  1. A piece of news that seems particularly important and/or relevant.  It might be current events, or it could be a summary and reference to a deeper-digging article.  All I can promise is that it will be related to what is happening in the world right now.
  2. Something inspiring that has happened. I feel like it’s important to remember that there are small victories and things to make us smile going on as well. As someone who deals with depression I know how important it is for me, even in the darkest moments, to be able to get come confirmation that there is still light out there. It won’t necessarily solve the problem or draw me out of the dark, but it can give some hope and impetus to keep pushing through.
  3. Something you can do. I will provide something specific, a way that you can take action and take a stand against hate and bigotry, to fight the abuse of power. Maybe tools to help you in taking a stand, maybe a particular stand that you can take, it will be something.

Phew… that’s a lot!  But I’m also making sure to get out and do some fun things, of course!  I’ll be heading out from our coffee soon to join my dad and step-mom at a wine-tasting, and there are some distinctly non-political blogging projects I need to get moving on for Comparative Geeks.  And a short story I was supposed to have edited a week ago… gulp, that needs to happen NOW!

I’d tell you I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. My sister and brother-in-law are hosting it this year at my brother’s house (since they live further away). It looks like all of the (immediate) family that lives state-side will be there which will be fun. I feel fortunate to be able to look forward to a family gathering, knowing that, for the most part, we’re all on the same page.  It hurts me to see so many people talking about how challenging the upcoming family gathering is going to be for them because of what’s happening in our country.  I hope, if it’s a challenging time for you, that you are able to connect with people who will help you feel safe and happy. Find a way to laugh this coming week – we all need it!

And I’d apologize for any international readers I have. I’m becoming distinctly USA-Focused at this point… but you can understand, right? We’re such a global society now that I really feel like what’s happening here will have an impact around the world (particularly on matters of environment because, well, we may have many countries, languages, races, religions, philosophies, genders, sexuality and ways of life… but we only have one planet).

So… how are you doing?  Really, how have you been doing this week? What does the coming week look like for you?  Any plans?  Are you looking forward to them?





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