Weekend Coffee Share: Election Week

If we were having coffee… well… first I’d ask how you are doing. Are you feeling okay? How are you holding up?

This has been a long week. It really does feel like there was a dramatic shift in my world and I am coming to terms with what that means. For me, I’d have to explain, I have very strong feelings of conviction that there are certain things I now need to focus my energy on. I’d let you know that I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to articulate what it is I am feeling, and figure out exactly what form that action needs to take — but I’ve started in small steps with blog posts and sharing information where I can.

This week got further complicated by the crashing arrival of a cold.  It started to sneak in on Monday, by Wednesday it had taken clear hold, and I had to leave work early on Thursday because it was so overwhelming. I was just a zombie, and barely managing to keep my eyes open (not to mention barely keeping the headache at bay).  I slept most of the rest of the day on Thursday, and a good chunk of Friday, so hopefully I’m on the recovery end of things.

I’ve been following the protests that are happening downtown. The first night I

Honestly, I have a hard time thinking of anything else that’s happening in my life right now – election fallout, gathering resources, and figuring out what my plans of action will be have been taking most of my time and energy.  What energy I’ve had that hasn’t been swallowed up by work and fighting this cold, that is.

So, I’ll tell you a little about some of the things I have been working on and trying to put together.  I’ve been trying to spread word about #SafetyPin, a good way for people to visibly signify that they are available to help those in need (and a commitment, as far as I’m concerned, to do so).

Every night I’ve also been watching the protests unfold in Portland.  I know that they’re complex – a number of different groups coming together in protest, reaching numbers that are being estimated above 4,000 some nights.  I caught a very early part of one of them in person on my way home from work one day, since I came home from work super-early on Thursday I didn’t encounter them that night. I’d tell you that I’m really upset that a group decided to take advantage of the protests on Thursday night to turn it into a riot.  There was certainly some property damage on Wednesday night (I got pictures of some of it on Thursday morning), but that first one stayed primarily peaceful.

I’ve got some ideas for people I want to invite to write Passionate Geek posts in the next few months (and I am of course always looking for people who are interested in writing posts on anything their are passionate and geeky about).

I also have another series idea in the works, exploring different art-forms and expressions of diversity and justice.  This is still a very vague plan, but I’m trying to put together some book recommendations and  talk to some artists I know about making things happen.

I’m still fighting this cold, and really that’s taking top priority for me.  I hate being sick, and I need to get rid of this thing.  In some ways it’s nice because it’s an instant reminder that, no matter what I’m stepping into and how much I’m taking on in additional projects, I need to remember to take care of myself.

It took me over 30 years, but I might have actually learned the importance of Self Care.  Finally.  Woohoo!

So I’d finish up my tea (yeah, that’s how I’ve been feeling… I’m drinking TEA not even coffee right now), and sit back to listen if you wanted to tell me more about your week.





16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Election Week

  1. I’m okay at the moment I guess. I’ve also had a cold/allergy/something going on since last Friday, and the whole week was just kind of lost. In the aftermath I’m also trying to decide what to do… I feel motivated for the first time in months, but I don’t know what I’m motivated to do. For the moment I’m finally cleaning my sink. It’s had dishes in it since the beginning of August and it’s disgusting. I consider this major progress.

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    1. I’m with you – motivation after being unmotivated and just getting by for a long time is hard to figure out.
      Your dishes situation is the exact reason I am so thankful I’ve gotten to live with people who do the dishes in times of need… my room is the place requiring cleaning assistance… ugh.


  2. Great for leaning you sink. That a great accomplishment. You feeling a justified as I have the same. Thankful your thoughtful comments. I am praying for the Portland area. An event occurred in Boise today near where I grow up that has shocked me and brought home was is happening in this country today. Two police officers and a K-9 officer were shot. All appear to survive but one officer is critical. I have vague childhood memories of how the Nazi took control of Germany. I hope history is not repeating.

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  3. I think it is kind of good to be able to focus energy into writing. I have been coping by working on my own creative world. We all feel that this is a troubled moment in time, but we have to maintain some balance. The safety pin is a good way to remind each other to hang in there.


  4. Everyone in my office has had this cold. We’re blaming Robbie, who sits way at one end of the long hall. It’s basically moved down, one office at a time. I got lucky and got it early because my boss sneeze on me (quite by accident). I’m mostly over it now, just a little sniffles and random coughing left.

    In other news: I need to find a safety pin. A discreet one to wear on my badge at work.

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    1. I blame my coworkers who are determined not to use sick time so that, even though we now have the staff to have someone out sick, still suffer through it, 😦
      I love that the pin is something discreet I can wear, I struggled on the 9th because everything I wanted to wear was to political for the office (I work at a public university so I can’t be wearing anything that could seem threatening or exclusionary to anyone).


  5. My frustration with this election has accelerated several things I was planning already, like blogging more about social justice and bigotry, distancing myself from my Trump supporting parents, and coming out to my family. Before, I didn’t expect to do those things until after New Year’s, but they’re things I need to do as soon as I can now.

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    1. Oh wow… Those are some huge things, Sending my love and support your way. I’ll admit I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my blog reading but I will make a specific point to make it over to give you some blog-love. ❤


  6. Wearing the safety pin sounds like a great idea. We all really need to think of ways we can make a difference at the moment and how to take positive action. I might live in Australia but I am also pretty fired up.
    Take care and best wishes,

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