Hate Will Not Win.

I’m not throwing away my shot.

Hamilton has held a primary spot in my personal soundtrack for some while now, but lately it’s been pretty nonstop. I’ve always been one to draw from musicals for those moments where they reach to places that deeply resonate with me, and Hamilton has been doing that lately.

If you stand for nothing… what will you fall for?

I’m stepping into new territory for myself here, and I hope you will come along with me.

 Rise up!
When you’re living on your knees, you rise up
Tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up
Tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up.

You see, I’m angry. Yes, this is related to the election of Trump for president. It is going to take more than just one post for me to unpack this… and it is going to take some time for me to say what I need to say.  This is not a vent-and-gone anger, this is something different.

The results of the election, to me, are emblematic of the deep seeded fear in our country. A fear which brings people to a place where it is okay to hate – or that allows them to feign complete blindness to the reality of the hate that is being held up and encouraged by the president-elect and his supporters.

As a friend noted in an earlier conversation, hate won this battle.

I cannot stand by and let it win the war.



More will be coming. Much, much more. I need to explain why I know that I have to step away from the sidelines. I need to live true to this deep knowledge that now is the time for me to stand up and fight.  I will not throw away my shot. I want to provide things to talk about and think about. I want to unpack some of what is going on right now.

So much more to write, so much more to do.  But for now, I also need to practice the self-care that I know I need. Fighting a cold, past my normal bedtime, running on a sleep deficit already, and needing to go to work in the morning are meaning I really need to go to bed. But I wanted to get this up at least.  There will be much more to come (oh, and hey, the blog will finally get some of that tidying up I’ve been meaning to do), but I wanted to make sure I put something up today on this. I had to get this started.

*Love and Hugs*

What do you think?

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