If We Were Having Coffee – Trying to Focus….

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’ve spent most of the day trying to work on a short story.  I’ve managed to get nearly 2k of the 3-6k that I need for it – and I have at least a vague idea of what is happening in it and think I’m at about the halfway point.

But I hit a point where I’ve run out of energy and tried, without much luck, to get back into it.  Normally I’d let it sit for a while – like a few days – but I am hoping to have it together for the IWSG Anthology contest, which means it needs to be completed and polished by November 1st.

It’s frustrating, I’ve been thinking about and trying to write this story since they announced the contest back in September, but it wasn’t until this morning that I finally found the right story. But, of course, that means it’s now taking forever to pull the story out, which interferes with my plans to also do some reading and cleaning this weekend.

Honestly I think part of what helped was that I tried a different medium.  My computer was running really slow and my internet was frustrating me this morning (I didn’t need it for the writing, but the fact that it was running slow made me upset at the computer as a whole) so I tried handwriting a bit but… that wasn’t working. So I ended up getting out my typewriter and trying to start drafting that way – and it worked!  The only problem is that when I start to get into a flow I can’t type fast enough on it.  I type pretty quickly when I start going, which results in a jammed typewriter.

Starting the draft, while the “Inevitable Betrayal” dinos stand by.

Probably I just need to set a timer and do some word sprints now that I’ve moved myself back to my computer.  I know that I’ll end up with a bunch of stuff that needs to be cut but I also am pretty sure that now I’ve gotten into the story a bit I’m self-sabotaging… my inner-critic and editor or cutting me off at every turn and telling me that nothing I’m writing is good enough.  It’s that tell-tale “what are you thinking?  Why would you do that?” nagging tone that gives it away.

I should leave the “you shouldn’t be writing,” and the “you’re doing it wrong” nagging to Midnight Monster.

I’m pretty sure he’s telling me to cut that paragraph. I didn’t listen.

This week has been an interesting one.  Lots of stuff happening at work, so I’ve been keeping pretty busy there.  But there was also some excitement (and tragedy) in Portland this week.  I heard that the natural gas explosion that happened here made national news, so you may have heard about it.  An old family friend worked at the tattoo shop that was destroyed in the blast, so I’ve been trying to spread word about the GoFundMe page that the business started up to try and get back onto their feet.

My re-gram of my brothers instagram post about it.
My re-gram of my brothers instagram post about it.


Please help if you can.  It’s so amazing that no human’s were killed in this, and that there were no critical injuries.  Unfortunately it does sounds like some animals were killed — there was very little evacuation notice before the explosion and some people were unable to get their pets.  It’s caused me to think some about how I would even evacuate with Midnight Monster, and I think the best solution I have is that I would grab a big-enough box and put him in there with a blanket and a toy real fast (since getting him into his crate is a serious ordeal and not likely to happen in a timely manner).  He might end up hopping out and darting away but at least I think I’d be able to get him OUT, and would just hope and trust that he’d find his way back.  Actually, he’s quite the scaredy cat, so he probably would end up holding really close to me out of fear.

Okay, I really should be getting back to work on that short story – I’m clearly procrastinating at this point.  How has your week been?  What are you up to this weekend?




6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Trying to Focus….”

    1. I’ve been trying to do that — took an hour break to do some cleaning and sorting. Went back to the story and got another paragraph written, and then took the rest of the evening off… I just haven’t been able to get back into the flow. I’ll try again tomorrow.

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  1. I have read about the explosion now for some time. One of Yahoo group was discussing that make a plan now what you will do in case of an emergency. Two thing for a cat. Drop a pillowcover and tied the cat in. Here we have had enough alarms that Kato knows we need to leave the building. He lookto us see how we react to the alarm. Have a pleasant week.


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