If We Were Having Coffee – a weekend of nails, writing, and networking!

If we were having coffee I’d invite you to join me for some warm drinks by the fire.  It’s a rainy day out today, perfect kind of day to curl up and read or watch TV.  Or, you know, enjoy some coffee and cocoa with friends.

It’s been a pretty busy weekend already, and I have more planned for today  – not to mention an editing project that needs to be done by tonight and a short-story I need to have written and polished by the end of the month that… uhm… has a lot of work still to be done on it.

Yesterday was the Jamberry Regional meeting here in Portland – so I got to spend the day with a bunch of other consultants, and absolutely lovely individuals. We learned a lot, I got a lot to reflect on and think about, and just had a good time.  Added bonus – the Gluten-Free option at lunch was sandwiches, just like everyone else had, but they had actually good gluten-free sandwich bread for us!  I have had so many sandwich bars where the GF option is simply NOT having any bread, or the bread they provide is terrible that this made me super-happy.  I’ll admit, I have certain expectations of events here in Portland (we have so many good GF options) that when they don’t come through I get more than a little annoyed.

Since my plans to go out with people for dinner didn’t happen I came back to my part of town earlier than planned and met up for some milkshake time with my good friend and one of her daughters – which included racing the 4 year-old around the clock-tower.  She said we had to race 4 times around so… yeah, she won. I just can’t keep up with her, and was reminded why I had gotten myself an inhaler (which, of course, I didn’t have with me). It was a lot of fun though  – always good to hang out with those gals!

Today I’m meeting up with a bunch of people from my neighborhood to look at forming a book-group and a writing-group (at the least, accountability partners). I’m really looking forward to it, but have to admit I’m also a bit nervous.  My introverted and shy self is getting a lot of “new-people” time this weekend and it’s pretty exhausting.  Meanwhile I’m seeing things pile up around my room that need to be cleaned, sorted, and disposed of, books to be read, and a Midnight Monster who isn’t getting nearly enough attention.

I”m going to have to gear up to head out soon — the wind and rain is REALLY making me not want to venture out at all… but I know that where we’re meeting has really yummy omelettes and good coffee (and we’re out of milk, which is a requirement for me in my coffee) so… I shall brave it!

How has your week been?  How about your weekend?


8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – a weekend of nails, writing, and networking!”

  1. Chilly and wet here, too. I’m still trying to get out of bed but it has to happen soon because I have to go make the rounds and pick up a few free items from a Buy Nothing group I belong to. I give them a pick up time and try to stick to it so I don’t get a reputation for being flaky because then no one will want to gift me their items! LOL. I really need that huge container of laundry detergent because I’m almost all out. No kidding!


  2. Yes, it great that there is now a GF bread that is good. I still toast mine as I ate toasted bread so long I wanted my bread toast. I believe Franz bread comes out of the Portland area. Have a pleasant week.


  3. Fellow introvert here… meeting new people is nerve-wracking! I hope the meeting went well, though because a writing group would be a great thing I think. Glad you had fun at the Jamberry meeting!


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