If We Were Having Coffee… I’m back! Sort-of-kind-of!

Good morning!

Alright, I think I’ve used up all my morning cheerfulness and energy on that greeting so I’ll go back to my groggy, sniffling state — aren’t you glad we’re having coffee via the internet today? I appear to be suffering from a cold (think I’ve been fighting it all week), and Midnight Monster did his best to ensure that I was out of bed after the minimal amount of sleeping in (judging by his current location it was entirely so that he could monopolize the bed for himself).

I’ve been out of blogging for a few weeks now, and am still trying to figure out what I want it to look like as I move forward.  My current goal is to keep up with my “regular” posts (Insecure Writers Support Group, Passionate Geeks, Coffee Share, the occasional Three Things Thursday), but I do have some ideas for other posts I’d like to share, and there are certainly some other things I want to talk about here – a few upcoming blog-hops that I’m planning on participating in, and the like.  It’s all just a matter of getting myself to really stick with a schedule – not just a blog schedule but a life schedule.  I work a full time job, with a decent-length commute on either end, and lately I just haven’t had the energy to do all the things that I want to do with the rest of my time!  I have to figure out how to make myself do the things I want to do in the time I do have.  More often than not I end up zoning out at reruns on the computer and don’t make progress in anything at all — and I’m really not okay with that.

Anyone have good tactics they use to help them get past that “ugh, I’m tired from a long day” feeling to accomplish things?

Not a whole lot else going on right now – just a huge to-do-list of things I want to get done this weekend, plus the intention to spend some time sleeping, reading, and relaxing.  I had a great time over the past month with some of my favorite kiddo’s, enjoyed a great camping trip up at Waldo Lake, and continued to try wrangling the Midnight Monster (he’s got his own hashtag on Instagram – #MidnightMonsterCat – it’s been kind of fun to create posts around him and his craziness).

My brain is pretty well blanking so I think it might be time for some reading or napping — I’ve been up for an hour and a half, that’s long enough to justify “nap-time”…. right?

How are you doing today?  What is your September starting out like?



11 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… I’m back! Sort-of-kind-of!”

  1. I’ve been neglecting my blog for far too long, for similar reasons. I have however been making progress on my book. (Finally). I’m finding that small targets really help and measuring the small steps I take towards finishing.


  2. The ugh I’m tired was happening to me not too long ago. I’m a single mom of two children with a full time job. I worked up a schedule that works for me. (I will not lie I have missed a day or two). There are a few things I do. I try to get to work about 30 minutes early to write my post then while eating lunch I put on the final touches and post. Also, now that bedtime is back I try to write the next days post the night before. If I think of a post for a later date I’ll write it and schedule it for later. Hope this helps a little.


    1. Yeah.. I am completely in awe of all you out there with families and full time work that still manage to get other things done! Unfortunately getting up earlier isn’t in the cards for me (it’s a 5:20 wake up time, and I try really hard to stick to a 9 pm bedtime… which is the only chance I have of getting a decent amount of sleep). For a while I was in the flow of getting posts written and scheduled the weekend before (or sometimes even further ahead than that!) And I was doing really well at putting my lunch-break at work to some real writing time for a while – need to get back to that!

      So far today has been productive enough… I think part of the trick may be forcing myself to wake up closer to my normal times on the weekends, rather than allowing for serious sleeping in.
      Just ’cause my cat can sleep all day doesn’t mean I should also….
      Major props to you for all you are juggling and balancing!!!!

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  3. Ahh it seems time management evades us all lol. If I ever discover the cure to accomplishing things after the “ugh, I’m tired from a long day” feeling, I’ll let you know 😉


  4. Tired from a long day and not wanting to write is a problem, no doubt about it. That has been an advantage from the get-go for Holly and I, the fact that we had both of us to blog. When there were nights one of us just couldn’t even, the other could step in. And we would occasionally slip and miss a day, making it up later in the week. That’s hard with things that are a bit more day-of-the-week-centric, like some of your posts…

    The theory of course is that the solution is to have posts written well in advance, but that’s super hard too and doesn’t really solve the problem. Even when you get ahead, once you use those you’re not ahead anymore… so unless you can motivate to CONSTANTLY be ahead…

    That’s some of why our eventual goal was a Comparative Geeks with a lot of contributors, so that we could cover the whole week and even grow to more than a post a day, all while everyone covers for everyone else’s days and times they don’t have the time. So that when Holly and I have nights we’re good-to-go for writing, we can just write and it’s not time-dependent for that day or the next, often times. It’s been very freeing in that respect, and it’s the first time in three and a half years of blogging where we’ve actually had content written in advance, waiting in the wings for the day we need it. Before that, it was write at the time.

    So… not a lot of helpful advice? Not applicable perhaps anyway. I’ve ebbed and flowed with my personal site, for sure. Had some ongoing features at times but nothing stuck. So I guess, good luck with the ongoing struggle 🙂


  5. An hour-and-a-half is definitely enough time to take a nap. I did that yesterday and one of our cats slept on my chest the entire time. Good thing I’m not even a little allergic to cats.

    I’m not good at posting every day. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m working up to doing it. My issue is distractions. I get caught up doing other things and then I use up what time I had to write. Hope you find what works best for you.


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