An Eclectic Note – short hiatus.

There is some serious internet challenges going on in my home, and I am unable to connect much at all.  This means that any blogging, and all the internet work I need to do, needs to be undertaken either during my lunch break at work, or while burning through my data on my phone.

Neither of these options are really compatible with getting much done so… for a little while… I’m putting Eclectic Alli on Hiatus.  I’ll be heading off for a vacation in a week anyhow, and wouldn’t be able to update the either.

I know that I’ll get this all figured out — and may well still do Three Things Thursday and/or Weekend Coffee Share over the next few weeks, but for the moment I need to take one thing off of my plate while I get some other things sorted out.  I WILL  have internet figured out by the end of the month – it’s a requirement – so I promise to be back, refreshed and ready to run, in September!

For the time being, I’m going to pretend I’m stepping away for some summer vacation time!

I’ll try to still regularly touch base through my facebook page, instagram, and twitter – so be sure to connect with me there!


What do you think?

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