If We Were Having Coffee… Lots happening….

If we were having coffee I’d invite you to join me on my writing date at Jim and Patty’s Coffee People – an old favorite hangout that has recently expanded their space.

It’s a hot day outside but it’s nice and comfortable here inside. I am planning to get some actual writing done soon — I was inspired by a conversation with my sister recently and want to see where that seed of thought might lead me.
I’d tell you that it’s been a pretty crazy-busy week for me — just a lot of stuff going on.  One exciting bit is that I’m going to be doing a shift at a Jamberry-table at the local county fair tomorrow evening!  I’ve never even gone to the fair before, and never had done a vendor event for Jamberry before.  It should be fun, and definitely a learning experience!  If you happen to be at the Oregon Washington County Fair between 2 and 6:30 Sunday night stop on by!  Tell me you know me from Eclectic Alli and I’ll be sure to give you an additional special goody 🙂

I also would want to share with you that I actually won a prize this week!  I pretty much never win raffles, so wasn’t expecting anything from the prize raffle they ran at a recent staff appreciation event. But I did win!!  I won what I thought was the coolest prize too — a two night stay  in the Junior Executive Suite (breakfast included) at the University owned Hotel and Conference center! I’m looking forward to putting it to use for a writing retreat (and maybe to enjoy some time downtown at night too). Now I just have to figure out when I want to use it!

This week also had some unexpected emotion.  I hadn’t been watching the DNC (though I do intend to go back and watch both of the Obama’s speeches).  I did, however, end up watching the tail end of Chelsea Clinton’s introduction of her mother and watched all of Hillary’s speech. I’m not usually a particularly political person – I follow a little bit (I kind of have to, since so many of my friends are quite politically minded and I like to be able to at least follow their conversations), but have not been a greatly interested in getting into the details (and, yet, I’ll happily wade through historical political materials… go figure).  But watching that moment when Hillary walked across the stage to officially accept the nomination was powerful. I was watching with my mom and my little brother, and Mom and I were both a bit emotional. Personal political beliefs aside, you have to admit that it’s pretty awesome to get to watch this piece of history in the making — the first female presidential nominee in a major political party.

That’s probably more than enough from me just now… I’ll settle back with my iced Black Forest Mocha and give you a chance to tell me a bit about your week now.  What have you been up to?


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