If We Were Having Coffee – Getting Organized… maybe.

Welcome!  I’d love to enjoy some leisurely time this morning having coffee with you!  For once I have a pretty open day – aside from a few simple errands I have a free day!  Of course, I’m going to try to get a lot done with this free day but… it’s nice to know that, if I really wanted to, I could just sit around and do nothing all day long.

How have things been going for you?  I’m doing okay — this week was kind of a strange one at work.  We had an all day CPR/First Aid training mid-week and, while it’s nice to be re-certified (I’ve been CPR/First Aid trained a number of times in my life, kind of a requirement for a lot of the jobs I’ve held), it was a strange day where we weren’t seeing any clients and had time at the end of the day to work, uninterrupted, on projects.

Outside of work I’ve been trying to get things together to get back on track with some things — seems like I’m always in that state, doesn’t it?  One of my goals for today is to finally get some of the mess of my living space back into order, since Midnight took down the bookshelf I haven’t really had a chance to figure out what to do with the space.  I want to try getting rid of some things, I may — finally – be ready to clear out some of the stuff I’ve been carting around and collecting through the years.  Maybe….

Thoughts about reorganizing, cleaning, and sorting, has caused me to also think about my blog some.  I know that I haven’t been as on top of things here as I would like, and for a while I’ve mostly done just the regular check-in kind of posts, but I’d like to change that. I need to get back into writing of all sorts — including my blogging.   This week I was able to put together a contributor post for Comparative Geeks, and I had a lot of fun putting that together – I want to do more contribution and guests posts at other blogs, as well as getting a bunch more going on here (and over at Eclectic Alli Nails… I got started there but really need to get more content going).

Really, my problem has been that I have ideas, but then seem to fall apart in the process of actually putting those ideas onto the page.  I’ve got to break that trend and start writing… grand ideas only get you so far.

Same applies to the novel… yeah, time to get back on track!  That’s my goal for this weekend and the coming week – work on getting back on track!

Wish me luck… I’d love to hear what you’ve done to help get yourself moving again when you find yourself in a similar situation (if you ever have)…  I’m great at making lists, figuring out what needs to be done — but then pushing myself to actually do what needs to be done is proving to be more of a challenge.



6 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Getting Organized… maybe.”

  1. Hope you get back on track. I know exactly what you mean, I have great ideas then when it’s time to out them to paper they just don’t get finalized. I guess I will just keep trying!


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