If We Were Having Coffee… Unintentional Redecorating

​If we were having coffee I’d probably ask if you were okay if I occasionally swiped at my phone – I’ve fallen to the Pokeomon Go craze and have been really enjoying it.  And, apparently I’ve also been doing pretty well at it too – collecting some of the more more unusual and rare ones!  I wouldn’t actively catch Pokemon (unless you wanted to turn it into a hunting coffee! I’m totally game for a walking talk),  but gathering more resources from a PokeStop on occasion would be awesome.

I’m currently working on a post about it for Comparative Geeks so wouldn’t talk too much just now, since I find if I talk a lot about something in person it’s a bit harder for me to actually get the posts written.  This phenomenon has actually been what has been encouraging me to think about doing some video-blogging. Of course, then there is a real danger of me just rambling on and on… that’s a danger enough when I’m writing… don’t think I need to inflict the spoken form on the world!

Of course, other than Pokemon there has been, once again, not much going on in my life. 

Wait… that’s not entirely true. 

A good portion of my energy has been spent in dealing with the Midnight Monster Cat. He has taken to settling himself on one of my bookshelves that I have mounted to the wall. It’s location above my desk and near the window provided a perfect vantage point for him to watch the world (at least, his world).  Because of his adoration of this spot I had minimized the number of books on It (too many and he’d knock them down), as well as the amount of nic-nac’s (he likes to knock those down as well, or at least try to chew on them). 

He likes to play adorable, but in reality he is a monster! I adore him, but there is no doubt about his monsterness!

So, it isn’t an uncommon thing for me to wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning to the sound of something falling. Practically still asleep I normally mumble at him, try hissing a few times, and then get up and remove him from the shelf (despite “Midnight proofing” I still didn’t want him up there). 

I was partway through this process one morning this week (I had reached the “drag myself out of bed” stage) when there was a spectacular crash.  

In the process of hunting a bug on the ceiling, Midnight had been jumping from the shelf ledge to the top of the books… and back down again. This repetative jumping of his 13.5+ lb self had taken this entire thing down. Thankfully neither he, my computer that was underneath it, nor the books or anything else in the room was injured or damaged.  Aside from the wall, that is…. 

Down it came, anchors and all.

The next morning Midnight was pulling the tacks out of my bulletin board, so this too got removed because I don’t need him swallowing one — he is on a mission to get me to redecorate my room, apparently.  

I can laugh at the whole scene now, but boy was I mad when it happened!   

Also, today’s my half birthday!! I used to actually celebrate a bit, for a few years my sister and I would go out for a meal (her birthday was yesterday so it was kind of for that but… we could split the celebration!)

What have you been up to this week?


3 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee… Unintentional Redecorating”

  1. Oh kitty! haha…They do get into things.

    If you were here I’d tell you to hunt away for Pokemons. No one has been in our house yet while they were playing, so I don’t know what we’ve got hiding around here!


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