Weekend Coffee Share – Recovery Weekend

I’m sorry I’m late for coffee this weekend!

I had grand plans on Friday night – I was going to sleep in on Saturday, but then I was going to DO THINGS.  Work was going to be done, including social time, writing time, Jamberry work, cleaning, and so forth.

What actually transpired was nearly two full days of sleep. Sure, I woke up enough to Skype with my best friend, and to participate in my weekly game-group, but beyond that it was sleeping, with a little bit of reading peppered in.

Apparently I needed it.

So I missed our normal weekend coffee date, yet again.  And I had even made promises to share more about my vacation a week ago!  Now it’s late, and I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the things that I need to get done today (even if I par down the list to just those things I really need to do today as opposed to the things I want to get done, it’s still a pretty lengthy list).

So I’ll just briefly tell you about the trip — it was really fun, but awfully exhausting!  Mom and I went on a fun road trip, but we wanted to see a LOT of stuff in a pretty tight time-frame, so ended up “going” far more than I think we’d expected.

We drove up to the Olympics, and spent a little time driving near Lake Quinault, and then up to stay the night in Forks, then back down to spend a little time in Hoh (walking the Hall of Mosses trail), and then took a detour to travel up 112 to try visiting the Makah Cultural and Research Center. Unfortuantely it was nearly closing time when we got there, so we only had time to make some purchases from the gift shop (I got… you guessed it.. books!) before we made our way back towards Port Angeles for our hotel for the night (a cute little place, that boasted no TV’s or phones.. but did have a stupendously weak wifi-signal).  The next day we made our way to Port Townsend, with a stop by the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.


I appreciated that they noted the “largest tree” in Oregon has been names a co-champion…
Mom and I after climbing up a bit of the root structure of the giant tree!
There was a little roadside walk near the visitor center (and logging museum) in Forks – a short ways in we found a Little Library!  I wished I had some books to contribute!

The Hall of Moses in Hoh was just beautiful — and scattered along the trail were bits of poetry!  Moss was EVERYWHERE, and I took so many pictures I don’t even know where to begin.. it was SO green!

View from one of the roads
Our totally adorable hotel one night
View along 113
Deception Pass
On the Ferry out to Lopez Island
We met up with a friend of mine on Lopez, and hung out with their family all day — on the hike we took when we got there I kept being fed berries!  It was pretty aweseome.
Returning from our hike.
We spent most of the rest of the day out on the beach as the tide came in.  We climbed on rocks, explored tide-pools, dug for clams, rolled in the sand, and generally had a great time!

After all the fun time out and about we headed in the Seattle direction to spend some time with my sister and to attend a baby-shower for my cousin!  On the way home Sunday night we were able to make a stop to visit an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in years so, by the time we finally rolled into our driveway at about 7pm Sunday night (with work the next day) I was completely worn out — but it was so much fun!

What have you been up to these past few weeks?  I have goals to start actually keeping on top of my writing now, and to really get things done – we’ll see how that works! Hopefully, at the very least, I’ll manage to be getting my coffee on time, and make visits to all of you!




4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Recovery Weekend”

  1. I always say that when I get back from a vacation, I really need another because I’m always so exhausted!

    It looks and sounds like a wonderful trip!


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