Five Years! Wow! (Three Things Thursday)

WordPress just notified me that I’ve been blogging for FIVE YEARS!  True, only two of them have been regular blogging, and the past few months have been sporadic too… but it’s pretty cool to know I’ve been on here for five years!  And some of you have been with me the full time – which is pretty cool!

Oh, hey, and it’s THURSDAY!  Where has time gone?  So, that’s Number 1 of my Three Things Thursday!

2) The weather…  It’s been rainy, then sunny, indecisive weather!  I kind of love it!


3)  Ice Cream!!  I got some ice cream the other day — it was super yummy!



Three Things Thursday is hosted by Nerd in The Brain over at This Nerds Life!  It’s a fun time to reflect on things that we are grateful for during the week!



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