If We Were Having Coffee – Rest and Recouperation

If we were having coffee it would have to be an early-afternoon coffee since I slept in pretty late (again) today.  I need to start working on waking up earlier on the weekend since I have so much to fit into each one, but this weekend I’m going to be content with the late sleep-in time.  This week at work was pretty darn busy, one of our busiest of the year, so I am pretty worn out from that and know that I need to allow myself time to recoup in order to be in good shape for the coming week.

Since it was busy-week there hasn’t actually been all that much else going on.  I mean, I did get an awesome salad from the new bagel cart that my coffee cart has opened… but when that’s one of the highlights of your week then you know that you’ve been pretty work-oriented!


I’ve also managed some Jamberry work this week – including doing a few YouTube video’s on removal.. today or tomorrow I’m hoping to do a series of application videos (since it’s time to change out my wraps)… of course, I also need to figure out what designs and colors I’m going to go for this week.  Decisions, decisions.

I have a few writing projects I’m trying to work on, but my energy has been pretty pitiful. And the commute has not helped my efforts either, I’ve been getting home closer to 7 each night (I leave the house at about 6:20 every morning) and my lunch breaks have mostly been spent zoning out. I’m hoping that, with the arrival of summer, I will have a bit more energy and be able to actually do the work I want to on the projects I want to work on!

One of the things I know that I’ll be doing this weekend is putting together some of my summer reading list!  I signed up for the Summer Reading Program at my local library (I LOVE that they have an adult version of the program!), and would like to do more reading for a few of the other challenges I thought I would take on this year…

How about you?  How has your week gone?  Do you have any exciting things going on this summer?


Weekend Coffee Share is a great link-up hosted every weekend by Part Time Monster (now at a new location!!) It’s a lot of fun – you should join us!



2 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Rest and Recouperation”

  1. Exciting things going on. Mostly lots of work. Working on two books which I’m excited about. Right now, two major articles are on the line. For fun, a friend and I are attending some concerts this summer and I’ve almost forgotten the wine tasting we’re going to do. Visiting a number of horse farms is high on my list especially the farm for retired thoroughbreds. Lots of retired Derby winners there. I hope you have a wonderful summer!


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