What’s inside a flower?

wp-1462307048487.pngFlowers… this month is all about flowers!  But I have seen woefully few flower things around.

So I want to directly challenge you all — with the promise of a prize!  Share with me some of your favorite flower-related things!

It could be a flower-related literary exercise (flower-based fiction?  I spent most of the last year participating in “Pink for All Seasons” which involved re-reading The Secret History of the Pink Carnation series, all sorts of “flowers” in there!)

Maybe you want to dissect a flower and learn about the different parts.

Perhaps you want to learn about some of the different flowers and plants that bloom near where you live (for a real challenge, learn their Latin names!)

Put your photography skills to use!  Go on a flower-walk and take pictures of the most interesting things you see.

Create a picture from flower-petals, or do a flower-rubbing (like a leaf rubbing, only using a flower).

Try some flower-science.  Have you ever made a carnation turn colors?

Have fun, explore the flowery world around us, and share with me and Nerd In The Brain what you do!  You can link back to this post, or tag me on instagram, twitter, or facebook!

Let’s add some flowers to the interwebs!

Flowers in my front garden

What do you think?

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