If We Were Having Coffee – Guard Cat and Bed Week

If we were having coffee I’d have to meet you somewhere that has a place where I can lay down.  I threw out my back on Tuesday and have spent the week in bed in a fog of medicine-induces sleepiness.  The back is healing up slowly, my muscles are loosening bit by bit. I’m very hopeful that by Monday I’ll be able to go back to work — but this week has been strange.  I’m not used to doing so much NOTHING.  Normally I can at least read, or write, or something… but most of my time has been spent being able to do little other than zone out at the TV (well, phone screen streaming movies), and sleep. Broken up by maneuvering myself to the kitchen for a meal to take my medicine with.

My view for most of the week
My view for most of the week

Not my most exciting week, and certainly not much to tell about.

Midnight has been an excellent snuggler and encouraging me to remain in bed.\


I’ve been able to do some more Jamberry work — it’s been pretty cool to see the excitement about the Throw Back Thursday wrap (available only through Monday!) I’ve ordered a few because they’re lots of fun.


Throwback Thursdays are something that they’ll be doing for 10 weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing what other wraps they bring back.  Since I’m so new to Jamberry a lot of the “throwback” styles are going to be new to me!

Oh!  I’d also tell you that this month I’m hosting the Go Play, Go Learn STEAM challenge — the theme is Flowers!  Check it out – I’m hoping to have lots of fun with this one!

That’s about all I can do now, my back is starting to hurt again from sitting up so I have to go pay another visit to bed.  I’d love to hear about how your week has been, though!  What are you up to?

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted every weekend by Part Time Monster – it’s a great change to check in with one another, take a break from whatever is going on in our lives and check in with one another. Check out her page to join in the fun and be sure to pay visits to other participants to check in!



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