Z is for Zoo! If we were having coffee – at the zoo!

zToday rounds up our month of travel with the Eclectic Express, and where better to end the journey than a sunny-day trip to the Zoo?

I’m particularly fond of the Oregon Zoo — perhaps because it’s the zoo that I’ve spent the most time at since I grew up not far from it.  I’ll admit, I was completely surprised when I reached college and realized that not everyone had a Zoo to visit just a short drive from home!

Since it’s also a Saturday we’ll encourage everyone to explore the park, but also take some time to sit down with someone, enjoy some coffee, and share a bit about their week.


If I were having coffee with you I’d suggest we sip our coffee as we wander through some of the area’s of the zoo.  Let’s take a meander through the Africa Exhibit first.  I’d be excited to tell you not so much about my week (which was fairly average) but rather about the plans I have to continue the Eclectic Express past this month.

It’s really all Hannah‘s fault, she’s the one who brought my attention to a particular reading challenge that sparked the idea.  Eclectic Express is going to continue to explore Travel Tales, but we’ll explore new places through reading books that take place in them. Books for the continents and books for each of the US states is where I’ll start (and hopefully I’ll get others to help out with this journey as well – because I love being able to bring other voices to the blog!  It will be a grand reading adventure!

Oh!  I’d also tell you how fun it was to guest post over at Part TIme Monster this week with yet another Into-The-Woods based post… I swear, I have a non-ITW-based post coming up in the next few months… 🙂

As we wander through a bit more of the Zoo I’d love to hear what you’ve thought of our A to Z journey.  And if you have a favorite book that you think I must read for a certain location?  Suggestions are always welcome!

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6 thoughts on “Z is for Zoo! If we were having coffee – at the zoo!

  1. I like going to the zoo. We never had any close by. I’ve been to the Franklin Zoo in Boston, the Grandby Zoo in Canada when I was little, and Parc Safari Africain in Quebec. I liked that one the best because the animals were all running around in habitats, instead of being in caged areas. Congrats on finishing A to Z!


  2. It has been a long time since I spend any time at the Boise Zoo. I do remember visit there until World War Two shutvit down. It is opening and florishing again I am please to report.


  3. Lovely zoo photos. We actually have three zoos close by. First, The Philadelpha Zoo, America’s first zoo; then the Cape May Zoo, a very nice smaller zoo that offers free admission and picnic grounds; finally the Cohanzic Zoo, also free that has some lovely smaller animals. I have been to all of these many times but I must admit that I have a love/hate relationship with zoos. I enjoy getting to see the animals and learn about them but I hate having them taken away from their natural environment. Glad you survived the A to Z!


  4. Great photos. We live abut 2 hours away from Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo and a half hour’s drive from the Australian Reptile Park, which has a Tasmanian devil breeding program and spider venom program. One of my favourite Australian novels was “My Brilliant Career” by Miles Franklin and I also loved “Cloudstreet” by Tim Winton. Tim Winton’s novels are very popular.
    xx Rowena


  5. I love the zoo. If I lived closer to DC I would be at the Washington Zoo all the time. Something about a zoo just makes me happy. Those pictures are great.

    Exploring the world through books sounds like such an awesome idea. I can’t wait to see what books you share.


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