X is for Town X


Eclectic Express is going to spend some time moving today — so it’s time to gather around and share some stories.   Like this one, from our guest-poster of the day, Josh!  Josh is a long-time contributor to this blog.

There once was a little family that lives in a town called X. This family had never left town before, and knew everyone in their town. Then one day, their son, Sam, got a plane ticket as a reward for a raffle. Sam’s take it allowed the entire family to go to a place called Maine. They were all very nervous, but they packed their bags, and took the ticket and went to Maine. When they were in Maine they had lots of fun, picking blueberries, going to L.L. Bean, visiting different harbors, and seeing all of the moose. They loved it so much that when they went back to their town, they wrote a big adventure story about someone who got lost in the forest in Maine. The family loved writing a story together, so they went to a bunch of other places like Russia, Maryland, and even Washington DC to write stories about the trip. That ended up becoming well known authors and they use the money they earned from books to do even more travel.



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