Three Things Thursday – April 28, 2016

Three Things Thursday is a day to look back at three things that have made you smile and/or grateful over the past week. Hosted by Nerd In The Brain, it’s a great weekly thankfulness reflection.


It’s late…. but I started this post this morning and it’s been quite the day so I think, even more, I need to reflect on three things I’m grateful for!


Midnight has started taking to perching on the back of my desk chair. It’s adorable, and allows him to be “involved” in my work without being in my way. 🙂


Monday I met up with a new friend, in a place I hadn’t been in a part of the city I really haven’t gotten to spend much time.  It was all-together a pretty awesome time!imageAnd finally, Newsies… I got to see the touring broadway cast of Newsies!  It was pretty awesome 🙂


What are you grateful for today?


What do you think?

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