W is for Waldo Lake

wWe’re approaching the end of the journey on the Eclectic Express and I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride!  We’ve gone all over the place, so today I want to take a trip today to a place that followers of this blog will be familiar with.

Waldo Lake.

We’ve visited the lake before, it’s an important place to me.  I invite you to stroll along the shore, follow the trail that wanders around the lake or just meander a few of the trails nearby. You could sit at the beach, play in (or on) the water, and just enjoy a day of relaxation.

20150910_160447 20150910_131123 20150910_130222 20150908_115325 20150907_163605 20150907_164929 20150907_171125 20150910_145310 20150910_145337 20150910_155852 20150910_160145 20150910_160552 20150910_162420 20150910_162523 20150910_191239 20150910_191349 20150911_135807 20150911_190835 20150912_074059


Having fun?


4 thoughts on “W is for Waldo Lake

  1. Your photographs of Waldo Lake are fantastic. I am finding your blog for the first time on the X alphabet day of the #Challenge. Love when I find a fellow writer. I live a Gluten Free life, and see we share some other interests. While you have been busy, I have been writing about hotels and inns, the architecture and architects, the significant settings they are in. If you have time or interest, it’s not too late to come visit. I’ll be back.


  2. How serene. I could feel the stress escape just looking at your photos, which are excellent, by the way.
    I love kayaking and our trailer is currently broken so we haven’t been for awhile but we have taken our dogs a few times, which was fun but nowhere near as serene.
    xx Rowena


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