T is for Tent Trailer Travels

tAs we make the long journey back from the sun, let’s take some time to listen to stories of other modes of travel.  Rebecca (my mom!) told stories last year of Being Yoder.  Today she shares some Tent Trailer Travels!

With five children and two adults. Hitting the road was a tricky challenge.  A tent trailer seemed the perfect solution – easily stored, but ready to go quickly, with essentials already inside necessitating only fresh food and clothes to get underway.


One  early trip to Canada, we went  down a one lane Provincial Park road that  ended abruptly.  The only way out was to detach…. move the van up to where we could do a multi point turn and return to the trailer in reverse.  Then we had to manually turn the tent trailer, thankful for the many bodies to help.  Reconnect and we were back on our way, minus the several hour detour.

A similar situation on our cross country trip was resolved by the entire parade being driven directly across a lawn and back to the road.

Ahh the cross country trip!  The plan was to save money but we made up for it in time.  We allowed two weeks to travel from Beaverton, OR to Connecticut where family lived.


It meant getting a later stop because it took time to take everything down and we had to stop early to get set up and claim a site!   However, when our van broke an axle causing an unplanned lengthy stay in Custer State Park, having home on wheels with us came in very handy.

On this trip, our original plans of a set location changed and we ended up driving the east coast, going  from relative to relative and setting up in their yards.   The tent trailer was a blessing as it allowed us to visit but be less of a burden.


It also provided entertainment as our chore  was a novelty to whoever’s home we were at. We could usually enlist help in setting up.   Sometimes the kids all WANTED to sleep in the fancy tent, or could hang out inside it.


Every summer we’d go to Waldo Lake in the Oregon Cascades.  Our tent trailer proved a wonderful home for me, with books and craft supplies while the kids set up their own little tent village.  In the event of rain (or snow) we could cram inside and play games or eat, or get warm, but mostly it was just an adjunct to the great outdoors.


I did love the stove, which worked inside or attached to the outside which made feeding five kids much easier.  Camp fire was nice, but the propane burners were more reliable.  Having a fridge and occasionally a heater, made our two week stay easily doable.

It was a great way to travel and we used it to see much of the country.  And off season, it was a great place to hide holiday gifts from prying eyes!




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