If We Were Having Coffee – “Seize The Day!”

If we were having coffee I’d meet with you by the Keller Fountain. There’s a slight drizzle, but it’s a refreshing sort of day to be outside.


I’d want to meet here because, shortly, I’ll be heading into the theater behind us to see Newsies!!


I’m pretty excited!  When I was younger I just adored the movie, and am looking forward to seeing how it’s been translated to the stage. I know they’ve changed the story a bit (have listened to the soundtrack a few time), but am so looking forward to seeing the story play out on stage!!!
I’m sure I’ll be talking more about the show in the weeks to come, so would try not to go on too much just now.
I’d tell you I’ve got a few other projects up my sleeve, as always, and am excited about spending the rest of this month getting myself set up to hit the ground running come May.
It’s almost time to head in, so I’d want to check in with you before I do. What have you been up to lately? Any exciting weekend plans?

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted every weekend by Part Time Monster – it’s a great change to check in with one another, take a break from whatever is going on in our lives and check in with one another. Check out her page to join in the fun and be sure to pay visits to other participants to check in!



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