Three Things Thursday -April 21, 2016

Three Things Thursday is a day to look back at three things that have made you smile and/or grateful over the past week. Hosted by Nerd In The Brain, it’s a great weekly thankfulness reflection.


I don’t have any pictures for this one but, my old college friend (who blogs over at ), was in town this past weekend, so I got to hang out with her some!  It was the end of the week, and she was suffering from post-convention lag, so it was pretty low-key, but it was awesome to catch up a bit!


It’s been pretty warm out, so I’ve been leaving the window open – much to Midnight’s joy! He loves hearing and smelling the outdoors, even if he can’t go out in them. The sun brings out the richness of his coloring and it’s been awesome to see what a hunter he is! Bugs are not safe in my room (though apparently ants are not worthy of his attention, sigh, and he is pretty impressive to watch at work!

Speaking of Midnight, my third thing is that I’ve figured out a way I can give back to the place I got him!  I’m starting a fundraiser through  Jamberry where a portion of the proceeds of every sale will be donated to CAT Adoption Team! They do good work, and I want to help fund them as I can.



One thought on “Three Things Thursday -April 21, 2016”

  1. Yes, it was a LOT of low-key, for which I am appreciative. And it WAS awesome to be able to catch up a bit, and meet the infamous Midnight ^_^


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