R is for Rice Museum of Rocks & Minerals

rOnward we go!

Today we’re going to stop by the Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals.

This is a neat place that has a bunch of cool rocks!  The architecture is fun, and there’s plenty of things to explore – it would be easy to spend an entire day here going through it all!

20151107_121334 20151107_121339 20151107_11152420151107_112643 20151107_11283620151107_113040 20151107_114835 20151107_12030620151107_120653 20151107_120835 20151107_120919 20151107_12132920151107_12154920151107_110350
20151107_12044220151107_12051520151107_121751There’s one room dedicated to what I think is the coolest thing in the entire museum. The florescent display!

When the lights are up the rocks look like this..
But under the “black light” they end up like this!
The entire display!


And there is a pile of rocks that you can dig through to find your own special rocks!



One thought on “R is for Rice Museum of Rocks & Minerals”

  1. All these pictures of incredibly cool rocks and minerals are *so* taking me back to my childhood! I was so into this stuff back then, and I was always collecting nifty rocks, whether in the back yard or fancy ones I had to buy in stores. (Maybe I missed my calling, and should have been a geologist.)

    We had a fluorescent room like that at our Natural History Museum (back when we *had* a Natural History Museum) and it was one of my favorite parts of the museum! I used to stand there for so long pressing the button to see them under the black light! (Probably drove my parents nuts…)

    This museum is definitely going on my “must visit” list!


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