If We Were Having Coffee…. Creative Avoidance

If we were having coffee I’d offer you a Captain Crunch Latte.   Inspired by a Fruity Pebbles Latte I had at Speckled Ax a few years back, I couldn’t resist trying to create something similar, especially when the Captain Crunch was on sale for real cheap last time I was at the grocery store.  Basically it’s a latte with Captain Crunch infused milk – and it’s actually quite yummy!  The captain crunch didn’t overwhelm the milk as much as I had expected (does this mean it has less artificial flavoring in it?) so it’s a very subtle sweetening taste.

Or I can make you a regular latte, if you’re not feeling quite so adventurous, or some tea, cocoa, water…

I’d tell you that our coffee today is actually a form of creative avoidance. That term has been bandied about a bit lately in my world – it seems that my forms of creative avoidance are actually working on other projects. The project I’m avoiding right now is some work on my novel – I have promised myself I would return to work on it for the past two months, and I haven’t quite gotten to it yet. I suppose I’ll consider today a win even if I don’t get any work done on that — if I manage to get a few more blog posts written for A to Z and get some cleaning done.

Yesterday I got some very good, focused, work done on my Jamberry business which is great. Thank you letters got written, outreach was done, and I have started to think more about the fundraising projects I want to start (that’s also on today’s list.. get some more fundraising work done – there are a few that I’d like to be working on as regular fundraisers but I need to do some ground work first before I set them up.  Basically what I’m looking at is having it so that when people buy Jamberry products through me they have the option of choosing it to be dedicated to a specific cause – then a percentage of the sale will always go to the cause in question.

As we sip our coffee, enjoying the unseasonable sun and warmth we’re having this weekend I’d tell you that I’m struggling a bit with A to Z this year. I’m glad I decided to do it, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like I’m not doing as much with it as I could/should. I’ve been trying to visit other blogs that are participating as I can but I’m not getting to as many as I’d like.  And my own posts… well I feel like I should be putting more into them – especially when I look at the posts that some of my guest-posters have done!  I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a short-and-sweet A to Z post, but I want to do more.

I’d also tell you that I haven’t been reading anything. This is a problem because I have a LOT of books on my “to-read” list, and a number of book challenges I was trying to participate in this year. I’m looking at this weekend as a bit of a restart – trying to set good goals and start back into good habits in order to be more productive and use my time better. I hate the feeling of being in a chaotic tumble towards deadlines and goals so want to try to do something to fix that – Goals, structure, and holding myself to self-set schedules seems to be the best way to approach it!

How are you doing?  What have you been up to lately?  Have you ever been in a point of your life when you feel like you’re in a free-fall tumble? How have you overcome that?

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted every weekend by Part Time Monster – it’s a great change to check in with one another, take a break from whatever is going on in our lives and check in with one another. Check out her page to join in the fun and be sure to pay visits to other participants to check in!

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