Three Things Thursday – April 14 2016

three-things-thursday-badgeThree Things Thursday is a chance to take a break and reflect on three things that made you smile this week. Hosted by Nerd In The Brain, it’s a great reminder of joy in the week – something I really could use with this week.


Skipper, one of the dogs, likes to chase things. So when we discovered young birds on the paths in our backyard a sign had to go up.  Of course, we had to make sure the sign was accurate — it wasn’t actually ground birds nesting, rather baby birds toddling about. It’s a sign that spring is actually on its way!


Midnight decided my pen was for chewing – while I was trying to write with it.  He was high on the antics this week – lots of playfulness, I could barely keep up!

imageSince the Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps will be retiring soon (at least the current ones, rumor is that more will be released in different designs) I decided I’d put some of them on my nails.  I liked how they turned out!


What are you grateful for this week?  What’s made you smile?


What do you think?

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