F is for Finland

fToday we’re going to take a trip north to the fabulous country of Finland.

Of course, it’s a pretty large country, so we’re just going to get a passing glance at much of it — but if anyone wants to stay and explore more of any particular area they are welcome to!

(I last went to Finland in the early 2000’s, so the images here are reflective of the country at that point in history)

Finland prettiness
The Land of a Thousand Lakes doesn’t disappoint — it is such a beautiful place!
Hamenlinna Outer Castle wall (2)
Hamenlinna Outer Castle Wall — for this Pacific-Northwest American the abundance of castles and OLD things is pretty spectacular!  This shot shows some of the layers of history at this particular castle – from very old stones to more modern bricks.
Lappenranta cobblestone 2
Cobblestone roads can be found in various places throughout Finland – including these ones in Lappenranta
Lonneret (2)
Helsinki is full of great things to see – and I highly recommend a stop by this statue honoring Elias Lonnrot, the author/compiler of the Kalevala.
snowchurch (3)
Of course, no trip to Finland would be complete without a bending of time and space to spend some time there in the winter as well — that’s when we can experience the wonder of ice sculptures and ice/snow buildings, like this small ice-church!
Suomenlinna2 (2)
Back to summer, we’ll also stop by Suomenlinna – an island maritime fortress with a long history!
turku castle
While we’re in the southern part of the country, let’s also stop quickly by the Turku Castle — construction on this castle started in 1280!
turku painters view (2)
This castle is a great place to spend some time exploring, taking part in a tour to learn the history, exploring the museum, or maybe just sitting back and sketching and painting what you see.

sweeden_finland (2)
Have you ever been to Finland?  What were your favorite things about the country?



6 thoughts on “F is for Finland”

  1. I’ve been to Europe, but our travels didn’t take us close to Finland. I wanted to see Finland and Sweden, but it would have been too much for one trip. We visited Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Amsterdam and the Greek Isles. My next trip will include Finland and Sweden. Finland looks so lovely. I really love the cobblestone streets and I didn’t realize there were so many lakes. It seems like such a relaxed place to live and visit. Thanks for the tour.

    Melissa Sugar


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