D is for Down-Time


Today we’re on the road!  We’ve got to get from the West Coast of the Unites States to the East Coast, and then the train has to take to the skies to cross the Atlantic Ocean for our next destination!

This means we ave a day to rest, enjoy the amenities on the rain (movies downstairs in a few cars, wine tastings in the parlor car, exquisite meals in the dining car — we even have a game car!)

There are also plenty of places to sit together and watch the world zoom by as you chat with your fellow travelers.

So please, share your stories during this down time!  Have you traveled on trains before?  Or do you prefer to travel by care, plane, boat, bike, foot…?  Where is the coolest place you’ve been?  What kind of things do you like to do when you travel?  Tell your tales!

Greenland from plane
Greenland from the air – seen as we pass by!




2 thoughts on “D is for Down-Time”

  1. I have two favorite places…Florence Italy and Edinburgh Scotland. Florence was a dream come true. I studied architecture in college so it was a real treat to see what I studied in books in person. When I visited Scotland, the town and people were so warm and welcoming it left a really great memory in my heart.


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