C is for Crater Lake

cHope you all enjoyed our day of travel yesterday, as we chugged our way across the country, enjoying some coffee together!

Today we find ourselves up at Crater Lake.  Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, and the 9th deepest in the world.
It’s a beautiful lake, and the train will stop to let people off to participate in any number of activities!

Just like Baxter, there is hiking for those who are so inclined (you can even hike down to the lake and enjoy some time on a boat and perhaps a trip out to Wizard Island).

You can stay at the lodge and enjoy the views from the comfort of a lounge-chair with a few simple walks on a relatively level surface.

Or you can stay on the train for a ride around the lake, with occasional viewpoint stops along the way!

As we approach Crater Lake we’re going in through the side that saw some spectacular fires this fall. This was a controlled burn, a fire set to burn debris and thin out the woods in order to help keep the other fires from spreading.
Looking out at the lake from one of the viewpoints.
The blues of the water are spectacular. Deep and rich, with a variety of blues depending on the depth at the various points.
Wizard Island – accessible only by boat, sits towards one edge of the lake.
If you choose to remain at the lodge there are some lovely paths to walk, a few places to enjoy a meal, and these chairs that allow you a beautiful view of the lake. Also be sure to wander down the path a ways to listen in on some of the Ranger Talks and explore a bit more about the history of the lake!
A view-point near the lodge
At moments when the water is still the reflection on the lake is pretty spectacular.
Surrounding the lake is a variety of landscape, including some tree-filled slopes.
The “Phantom Ship.”
A distant view of Castle Rock.
Zooming in on the neat formation
Informational signs abound in the park — this is one of the older ones, explaining the trees that are found in that area.

There are a lot of stories to tell about Crater Lake, and many people have their own experiences there — have you been before?


7 thoughts on “C is for Crater Lake

  1. I was at Crater Lake many years ago. I’m pretty sure it was 1979. We didn’t do much there but walk around the parking area and take a few pictures then off we went. It left me wanting to go back but I haven’t had the opportunity.


  2. Beautiful! This is one of those places my husband and I talk about seeing, but never get around to visiting. Well, it is now an official destination. And soon. Thank you!


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