The Scarf Project

As spring is arriving (at least where I live) it seems kind of strange to be turning my mind to making scarves — but that is what I’m doing.  For a few years I’ve been reading articles about (and seeing in real life) people leaving scarves in public places to be picked up by those in need.  And for quite some time I’ve been saying how I am going to do that myself – make up some scarves and find public (and sheltered, so they don’t get soaked) places to leave them for anyone who may need them.

I keep saying I’ll do it, and I keep not doing it.  Then I saw a friend on twitter comment how she wanted to do that as well, so I got in touch with her and we’ve decided to hold each other accountable to follow through.

One scarf a month.  That’s the minimum we have to make.  More is great, of course, but one scarf a month… we should be able to do that.  And then, come the colder weather, we’ll each have a small supply of scarves that we can leave out for people.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of adding a scarf a month to my “to-do” list — and hoping that I can manage more than one a month.  I certainly have enough yarn to work through, stuff I bought for projects that never quite took off the ground.

I’m putting this here as an added level of accountability — I tell you all that I’m going to do this and I’d better darn well follow through, right?   Also, though, to encourage you to think about doing something similar.  What do you say, anyone want to join me on the Scarf Project?


What do you think?

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