If We Were Having Coffee – This and that, Mid-February edition


If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I don’t want to talk about health issues.  Of course, that means I actually do kind of want to talk about them, but I don’t actually want to bore you with them. So I’ll suffice with telling you that I’m still having issues with my leg, the MRI showed that there is a bulging disc in my spine, but that’s probably just causing some of the other issues I have been dealing with and not the one we’re trying to figure out.  Regardless, I’m going to do a short round of some medicine and some Physical Therapy to see if it does help and then we’ll go from there.

I would tell you I’m a bit frustrated with working with doctors offices and specialty care that seem to be open primarily from 8 to 5, Monday through Friday. When you work a Monday through Friday 8 to 5 job it becomes increasingly difficult to schedule appointments, and seeing sick-leave drain away when I know there are other things I haven’t even started scheduling that need to be dealt with is superbly frustrating.  Add in a somewhat short-staffed office and it increases anxiety and stress.

But let’s stop talking about that… because while it is a bit of a headache and I’m tired of being in pain and discomfort all the time, I am trying really hard to not let it overshadow my life.  There are other things going on in my life that I want to focus my energy on.

Like playing with Midnight.  He’s continuing to be a cutie, demanding and kitten-like, but we’re understanding each other a bit better, and he’s so much fun to play with.  He loves to chase ribbons and string, and has started to pounce and stalk his toy mice.  I also harass him a bit from time to time, and he puts up with it nicely (and harasses me back by batting at me, and trying to eat my hair.

He loves to attack the water in the sink – and occasionally sticks his head under it
Occasionally he lets me put this dog-headband (I got for free at the pet-shop) on him. Eventually BB-8 falls down in front of him and he attacks it and pulls the headband off.
And he has learned the fine art of balancing on the baby-gate that we put up between our section of the house and the rest of the house (to allow him to explore some but have a safe exit that the dogs can’t get over)

Another thing I want to put more time into is my writing.  It has seriously fallen by the wayside, as I’m finding that when I get home at night I have a hard time pulling my thoughts together for much of anything (and my weekends have ended up filling with a variety of things).  I have a plan though.  I’m going to spend a chunk of time this weekend going through my clothes and getting rid of a lot of them that I don’t wear.  Then I’m going to go through some of my other stuff with a similar eye (if I haven’t used it in a year then the chances are I’m not going to — with a few exceptions).  Once I de-clutter a bit then my space won’t feel so overwhelmingly FULL and I may be able to come into it after work and feel like I can actually do things.

I’ve also been spending time on the Jamberry Independent Consultant business.  It’s slow to start, since it depends a fair amount on networking with people you know and, well, a lot of the people I know who might be interested in it are already involved.  It’s a challenge, but I think a good one.  I’ve honestly been thinking about it in terms of helping me learn more about marketing in-case I ever decide that I want to self-publish something.  Ways to network, how to network, pushing my boundaries in outreach and self-promotion… ultimately all good things.

How have you been?  What’s been going on with you?




Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend. A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in!

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14 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – This and that, Mid-February edition”

  1. Growing up my cat….lol
    We had a floor model television with an old Atari game system hooked up to it. When we would play Centipede he would lay on top of the television and try to bat the centipede off the screen!
    He would also lay on top of the 50-gallon fish tank and try to catch the fish, lmao. Tiger was good for a lot of laughs :D.
    Hope all goes well with meds and therapy.


  2. Chronic pain can be a problem. I get so frustrated with doctors who don’t relly lesson to what you are telling them. MRI and Scans don’t always pich up problems. They didn’t my husband’s shingles. It was acPA who found it.
    Kato loves to makecup games hevplays with us. He knows time. How he does I haven’t figured out how. Midnight is probably playing games with you.


    1. I’ve been fortunate to have a doctor that really does listen and is working with me to figure out what’s going on — it’s just proving to be a long process. But I’m glad we’re starting with the less invasive options to see if they help first!!
      Midnight is definitely playing games with me — which is why I remind him, rather clearly, that 3 am is sleep time, not play time!

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        1. I’m in what’s basically a studio apartment – so the only way I could shut him out is if I locked him in the bathroom (which I don’t wanna do, even if he’s got food, water, a litter box, and his favorite toy -my bathrobe belt – in there). We’re just working on mutual education — and me learning to pull a blanket over my head 🙂

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  3. I’m sorry the MRI didn’t reveal anything definitive about your leg issues. Is there a possibility of changing medical providers to someone that has more flexible hours?

    I think your plan is a good one, in terms of clearing space. That’s my big issue. BIG issue. I seriously need to clear some space before I can even think about starting a project.

    I hope the physical therapy and the medicine help!


        1. Some of the offices have extended hours (and urgent care is always an option) but for the specialty care and the primary care I’ve found (wanting one that’s near me) it’s been hard to find late. Extended hours tend to mean earlier (like the 7:30 am PT appointment) or “late” being closed at 5:30 — which works okay but still means leaving work late or coming in early because of the whole transit thing. Sigh.. hopefully I’ll just get this all figured out and be able to cut down on doctor visits – it only really becomes a problem when I have SO much that ends up clumping together.

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  4. Sorry to hear that you’re still having health issues. I hope things get figured out and resolved for you soon.

    Love the kitty photos! I think cats are so great, but Little Jedi and I are both allergic, so we have to admire from afar.


    1. I’ve got a mild allergy, but I’m not even sure if it’s the cat or not — I actually think we’re both allergic to dust so.. that’s good?
      Thanks for the well wishes… I wish I could get into the physical therapists sooner, but have to wait about two weeks for the first appointment… Got the meds, so I’ll be starting a round of those tomorrow or Tuesday (the doctor called saying they had a message on Friday, so want to call them back on Monday morning to see what that’s about before I start on the meds, just in-case). Sigh.. too much health stuff makes me sound ancient….

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      1. heh. I’m one of those unfortunate people who is allergic to pollen, dust, and pretty much everything that happens in the South during the summertime. I take Zyrtec every morning at this point.

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