Sunday Slideshow: ice soup

Fun Ice play, and an ice-based Haiku!

that cynking feeling

On Saturday afternoon, I took Philip outside to play. His old, beat-up turtle-shaped sandbox resides under our deck. The rain from earlier in the week fell into it and then froze into a sheet of ice when the temperatures dropped. The ice was starting to thaw by the time we ventured to the backyard. I decided to dump the ice on the ground so that Philip wouldn’t get wet.

Philip created a new game with the broken pieces of ice. He picked them up and threw them into the turtle sandbox. He made a sound with each throw. The ice made a noise, too. I added my own sound effects: “boom! thunk! crash!” Philip giggled.

Philip, against my advice, decided to taste one piece of ice.

“Yuck,” was the verdict. I can’t blame him. The ice did have bits of mud on it.

After he had collected most of the…

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