If We Were Having Coffee – Eye Injuries…



If we were having coffee you’d see that I’m sporting a new accessory today:


Monday night I injured my eye.  There’s no scratch (thankfully) but there is inflammation and I have to put drops in regularly.  The pupil is dilated, which makes things (like working on a computer) rather challenging.  I created an eye-patch monocle which helps a bit, but it’s still been hard for me to read or work on the computer. The eye is getting better, but I’ve been much more absent from the online world than I normally am (I feel bad for not responding to all the comments on my Insecure Writers Support Group post this week…. but the amount of screen time I can do at a time is really minimal).

This has dominated a lot of the week. It wasn’t all bad though – I was able to go out to sushi for lunch one day with a friend and her daughter — it was yummy and a lot of fun.


I so enjoyed playing Guillotine last week that I ordered my own set of the game, and I got to enjoy playing a round of it with my mom and brother. It was nice to sit down and play a simple and fun game.


I’m also really excited about the Jamberry work I’ve been doing.  I’m working on a blog related to it (though that’s also been stalled out for now given the eye issues).  I’ve been putting materials together and was really excited that the wraps that I custom-designed arrived!  I’m hoping to put them on today.

Check out the host folder I put together!
20160205_201003 (1)
My Custom-Design Wraps!!

That’s been most of my week.  I really am focusing on letting my eye rest so that it can heal quickly.. so I’ll settle back now, close my eyes, and ask you how your week has been.

Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend. A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in!

weekendcoffeeshare (1)



5 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Eye Injuries…”

  1. Hope your eye heals quickly. I can’t think of anything more frustrating than not being able to see well. Although, you do really rock the whole monocle thing! Very European!😉


  2. What a fetching monocle! Glad that your eye is going to be alright, and hope you have a speedy recovery.

    Cool stuff on the new blog. I’ve been so busy with things here in New Orleans that I haven’t had as much time to do writing and reading as I wanted to, but I think things are about to slow down for a while.


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