Go Play, Go Learn: Ice!

IceYay for Go Play, Go Learn!!


This is a series originally started by Nerd In the Brain — this year we’re going to collaborate on it! We even have a nifty new badge for this new year!  Feel free to add this to any posts you do for the Go Play, Go Learn challenges!)

go play go learn badge

How this works!

  • Every two weeks, we’ll give you a goofy fun challenge.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate… grown ups, families, kids… everyone. If you complete the challenge let me (or Nerd in the Brain) know by email, or by using the contact form, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram or by linking from a post you write to this post. (Lots of choices!!) (Using the tag #goplaygolearn helps a lot!)
  • Each week, we’ll choose someone who participated to be the Nerd of the Week.    What does being Nerd of the Week get you?  Well, fame and glory, of course!!  The Nerd of the Week will get a very special spot on the sidebar with a badge and a link to your blog.  And, of course, that rather swanky badge will be available for the Nerd of the Week to proudly display on your own blog!
  • That’s all there is to it.  Fame and glory in exchange for playing and learning.

Also, there’s a nifty Linky-link you can connect your post to in order to help us keep up on all the wonderful Go Play, Go Learn posts!

First lets take a moment to recognize our winner of the Nerd of the Week prize for the Snow challenge last week: That Cynking Feeling!

That Cynking Feeling NotW


Now for the challenge!

Earlier this month Nerd in the Brain talked about snow.  And this week some people got slammed with snow.  But winter has another side, an even slippy-er one: ICE. It’s the same stuff as snow at the core level – water – but it behaves and interacts completely differently… not to mention that stories of playing out in the snow are far different than stories of playing in the ice (though both are pretty standard in winter-weather-places).  

What are some ways to explore ice?  There are SO many of them!  Here are some suggestions:

  • Pretend you’ve got magic ice making powers!  And then ACTUALLY make ice in “an instant.”
  • Sculpt with ice!  There are magnificent ice sculptures out there… can you figure out a way to create your own using tools around your house and ice cubes?
  • Learn some about why the precipitation from the sky sometimes ends up as snow, ice, hail, sleet, rain, etc.  What determines what form the liquid from the sky will take?  Create a picture, or 3-D creation to illustrate the point!
  • What IS the difference between freezing rain, sleet, and hail anyhow?
  • When Ice freezes it can make some pretty spectacular patters — create your own cracked-ice designs.
  • Write a story about your favorite Ice Memories.
  • Did you know some animals survive harsh winters by living under ice?  Learn some more about those creatures?  What would it be like to go into a semi-hibernating state in the winter?

So, what do you think?  What kind of Ice-Capers will you get up to for the next few weeks?  Do you have suggestions for future Go Play, Go Learn challenges?  Let me know in the comments!

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