Three Things Thursday: January 14, 2016

three-things-thursday-widget-badgeNerd In The Brain does this thing called “Three Things Thursday” where she posts three things that made her smile. I love it and decided that I would go ahead and give it a go.



This holiday season has been interesting for parties – we’ve hosted a fair number of them and that’s meant that some of the things that came out with Grandma last year have been getting used.  Like this little piece that was my great-grandmothers.


I’ve started to sell Jamberry nail-wraps (if you’re interested in learning more toss me a message via email). I won’t be pushing it here on this blog, but it’s been kind of exciting to get started , and I was super-excited to get my cool business cards!

20160110_195440Yup, Midnight did it again this week… He is such a trouble-making cutie.  While I tried to set out some goals earlier this week he decided that I shouldn’t be doing such things.  Why do I insist on sleeping when he wants to play, and working on my computer when he wants to play? I should just PLAY… right?  Right?   He is very determined and insistent and as I tell him “No, I am not for biting,” I can’t help but smile.



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