Three Things Thursday – January 7, 2016!


Nerd In The Brain does this thing called “Three Things Thursday” where she posts three things that made her smile. I love it and decided that I would go ahead and give it a go.



I swear I’m not becoming a crazy-cat-lady…. but Midnight makes me smile still.  He’s very much a 2-year old, and very much a cat. He loves to play, wants to do everything on his own terms. In this picture he’s guarding my computer.  As I type this he’s watching my fingers and deciding if he should attack them. Luckily, he’s adorable and sweet!

20160103_145341 20160104_094604

The weather this weekend was something else! First it snowed, and then that all turned to freezing ick and lots of ice. Enough that we had a “snow” day on Monday! I work at one of those Universities that NEVER closes, and indeed, they were some of the last ones to announce a delayed start, and some of the last to declare a snow day (just 20 minutes before I had to leave for the bus!)

It was still slick on Tuesday, and Wednesday morning was shimmery with black-ice… but the first two days made me smile — there is something about getting out to build snow-people, and picking my way around the yard in order to get pictures of everything coated in a sheet of ice that brought me joy.

20160106_073757.jpgThe sunrise Wednesday morning on my way to work was spectacular!

What made you smile this week?


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