#DeDoWriMo Day 28 – Almost done!

november-28-2015-21648-pm-pst.png.pngI’ve talked to a few people about their writing progress this month.  Very few had it go as they had planned (but, then, when does it ever?)  I ended up doing very little writing this weekend (surprise surprise), but have started to lay the groundwork for some good writing coming up. A big part of what I need to do is let go of some of my expectations of myself – they end up causing me undue anxiety and hold me back from the writing I could (and should) be doing.  As the month is coming to an end I’m trying to keep in mind the point of DeDoWriMo – trying to end the year on a good writing note, and for me this year I think that means getting everything in order to be successful with my writing in the coming year.

What do you need to let go of to help you make more progress on your projects?  Have you thought about ways to help yourself do this?


One thought on “#DeDoWriMo Day 28 – Almost done!”

  1. I just realized this morning that I have to let go of the scene I’ve been working on since Christmas Eve (or was it the day before that?). Not that I have to scrap it entirely — it’s really important, in fact — just that I have to cut out about half of it and utterly re-write it.

    Right now, I have my protagonist telling his best friend/love interest all about his romantic history, particularly the abusive relationship that started him on his current path. (Important note, he was on the receiving end of the abuse in said relationship.) It’s so painful and awkward to write, and yet once it’s on the page, it’s totally dead, emotionally. On top of that, I have to struggle to make the other character actually react to the story and take part in the conversation. So I figure my best bet is to scrap the whole thing and *show* the story in flashback, and then just say that Ashley related the whole thing, and so on. (That’s how it’d be done in a movie, after all.)

    I know it’s the right decision — and it’s definitely going to be easier to narrate the events from Ashley’s POV but not in his actual voice — and yet I find myself decidedly annoyed that I’m going to be wasting several days’ worth of writing. (Not that I had very much time to write on any of those days…)


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