#DeDoWriMo Day 22 – Reevaluate

november-28-2015-21648-pm-pst.png.pngIt’s (relatively) easy to shout encouragements and cheer-lead everyone on their writing projects: “You can do it!” “Go for it!” “Something is better than nothing!”

But it isn’t always going to work.  Sometimes Something isn’t much better than nothing, and sometimes we can’t quite get done what we set out to do.  Then comes time to re-evaluate.

Some folks have been doing great at their goals, making good progress and turning out awesome work.  Others of us have been kind of meandering along… or stalling out in some cases.

My primary point of DeDoWriMo was to end the year on a positive writing note — and for some of us that might mean re-evaluating our goals and looking back at the progress we have made.

This is what the original participants set as their goals:

Allison: 50,000 words on Analeigh’s story, Write Every Day. Week one: Haven’t written every day, 5,000 words completed.

Naomi: Get further on the first draft of the novel started for NaNo:

Heather Jackson: Finish the super-detailed outline for YA horror novel:

Corina: Blog a minimum of 26 days in December with a minimum of 31 posts for the month.

Iphis of Scyros: Finish the novel that didn’t get finished for NaNo.

Rose F: Spend at least 5 hours a week working on development log and den profiles for foxes.

Sandra J: Complete first draft of long-overdue why-has-is-taken-ten-years-to-get-it-on-paper novel:

Clover: Complete initial revisions of NaNo novel.

Robin Rivera: Finish the Sci-Fi serial started two years ago:

Anna Rosenblum Palmer: Write and submit an article 6 days a week:

Holly4734: Add 41,000 more words to the novel:

Somemaid: Finish draft of NaNo novel and blog consistently:

What might your new goals be?  What accomplishments have you made?

For instance, I haven’t really made any progress on my original goal… but I have created some order and organization for blogging in the coming year to help me focus better.  Let’s update these goals (or create new ones!) What do you envision yourself completing, writing-wise, in the next week-and-a-few-days left this year?


6 thoughts on “#DeDoWriMo Day 22 – Reevaluate”

  1. I’m on target to accomplish my goals! Next week I hope to sit and come up with some kind of overview for my blog for 2016 and hopefully write that About Me page I never wrote!


    1. Yay!! I’m so proud of you for managing to stay on target (even with the travel you’ve been doing this month!) I’m aiming for a 2016 overview and revised About Me Pages before the end of the year!
      Good luck continuing with your goals!

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  2. My goal has shifted down to “get as much further in the novel as time permits” with the corollary goal of finishing it before class resumes in mid-January. I forgot how little time I have to myself in the last two weeks of December.

    Also the jerk not arriving to fix my drier (two days running now!) has not helped. It’s hard to write productively when you’re ticked off. (I already ended up torpedoing one of the book’s romances, ’cause I was angry. I hate to think what else might happen!)


    1. Good shift! Especially considering the frustration of being ticked off (broken drier UGH!) You don’t want to mess up the story because you’re frustrated so probably a good idea to revise your approach. Thankfully we’ve got a whole new year coming up for more writing (and hopefully a fixed drier occurs before then!!

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  3. To be honest, I hit crisis mode with this thing, and started questioning my motives for writing it and the value of continuing. I have decided it’s salvageable, and I have managed to write at least a sentence every single day this month, but I’m not going to be able to completely finish it. So, I’ve downgraded to trying to add 25k more words to it, and I’m about 5k from that.


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