If We Were Having Coffee – Lights!!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you all about the drive I took last night!  When I was growing up my family had a tradition, we’d all pile into our big old van and drive around looking at the Christmas lights while listening (and often singing along with) Christmas music.

It had been years since I’d gone out for a Christmas Lights drive.  When I lived in Vermont and when I lived in Maine I did the occasional walks to look at the lights, but not a drive.  Yesterday, though I took mom out to dinner and then drove her around a while in various neighborhoods to admire all the lights.  It was such fun (and the weather cooperated with just light drizzle!)

20151218_201447 (1)
A few houses had some pretty awesome Star Wars decorations up.

I’d also share my excitement about the first in a few prizes I’ll be receiving over the next week or so! The Nerd-Block was part of my prize for winning the October Challenge co-hosted by Nerd In The Brain and Part Time Monster!


It had some cool stuff in it!  A few things have been earmarked (or already given) as presents to those who will appreciate them more than me, but I am super-extra-excited about my special Ghostbusters Wallet that was included!!


I’ve also been doing some real reflecting on my writing, blogging, and reading, thinking about my plans for the coming year.  I’m excited about some of the plans that are coming together and some of the writing resolutions I’m starting to settle on — I’ll share them all soon!

How has your week been?


Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend. A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in!

weekendcoffeeshare (1)



9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – Lights!!”

  1. Driving around looking at lights is my favorite thing to do with Anderson and Spencer. We haven’t gone out that many nights this year because of the rain and because Anderson’s bedtime is 7:30 so that doesn’t leave too much time. When I was growing up, we did the same thing and I have such fond memories of it. I also took my kids around to look at lights when they were growing up so lots of memories!


    1. Our neighborhood isn’t as decorated as I would have liked – but thankfully there are some nearby neighborhoods that have a lot more decorations and we saw some very impressive displays! I think it may have to do with the average age of the people living in the neighborhoods — but that is a completely random speculation.

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  2. Oooooo that prize looks awesome! We used to drive around looking at lights when i was a kid too, I might try to get my girlfriend to take up the tradition this year. We don’t decorate much so I feel the need to get out and see what other people are doing.

    I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for the coffee and I also LOVED the Ghostbusters wallet. When I was a kid, the houses weren’t decorated with lights the way they are now and where I’m from, there still aren’t many lights. Too posh, I presume. However, there are plenty of houses totally covered in lights with all sorts of animated characters as well and I love it. WE drive around late at night with the kids, usually after Church on Christmas Eve. It’s not getting dark here until 8 to 9 PM so when the kids were smaller, that was a bit of an issue.
    Well, I’d better head off to check on the cake xx Rowena


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