#DeDoWriMo Day 16 – Please tell me you’re all doing more #writing than me?


I have hit that point where I’m trying hard not to despair. I’m trying to remind myself that I have made Christmas Presents, worked one of the three busiest weeks of the year at work, had fun with friends, and gotten Christmas Cards put together this month so far.  I’m trying to remind myself all that I have done so I don’t beat myself up about what I haven’t done.

Here’s what I haven’t done: a single thing for the DeDoWriMo challenge this week.  Also I haven’t updated everyone’s progress or gathered up the points count for the challenge.  Call me a DeDoWriMo slacker.  But this will change.  This weekend will see all else put aside for some writing time on Saturday (and I want to host some writing sprints on Twitter, let me know if you’re interested in participating – drop your Twitter handle in the comments and I’ll make sure to tag you when I’m getting ready to start!)

Please tell me you’re all doing better at this?  How is the writing going?  How are the projects coming along?
Also, it’s not too late to join (I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s never too late to join)! Do you have some sort of writing project you’re focusing on this December that you want to get moving on?


3 thoughts on “#DeDoWriMo Day 16 – Please tell me you’re all doing more #writing than me?”

  1. I actually checked my end of November word count and my current word count, and was surprised to see I’ve somehow managed to add a bit over 2,500 words to my novel since December started, despite writing first a 3,000 word paper (which saw more intense revision than any paper I’ve ever written previously) and then fixing up the shoddy rough of a 25 page paper (about 10k words, counting bibliography and the tables in the back, but not counting the 8(ish) pages of notes).

    But the papers are both in now (the first one’s even been graded already!) so I’m free to write! Yay!

    I’m still hoping to finish the novel by the end of the year.

    What was the other challenge you posted, the one about a certain amount of dedicated time? (Rhetorical question; I’ll cycle back through the posts and find it…) I’m meaning to put in that much time tomorrow. (I’d do it tonight, but…a game is calling to me, and I must answer…)

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  2. I haven’t heard of DeDoWriMo! Haha. I did Nano in November and that came right after finishing a new draft (literally, finishing on day 1 of Nano). I really needed a break this month. I’ve mostly been catching up on critiques, prepping for revisions, and a surprise project came up. Needless to say, my holiday cards are still in the box and unstamped.

    I hope you make your goals this month!


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