#DeDoWriMo Day 11 – External Motivation

November 28, 2015 21648 PM PST

I imagine that none of us would have signed up for DeDoWriMo if we weren’t motivated to work on our projects for other reasons. Many writers write because they have a story to tell.  Whatever the medium or genre, we want to tell the stories.

Sometimes that drive to tell our stories is enough, but sometimes we need a little boost (at least, I do!) I’m trying to use DeDoWriMo to help be some of that motivation, but sometimes I need a little more.  Fun competition can really help provide that little bit of extra drive… so I want to host a little friendly competition!  The winner will get a special prize (you’ll get a few options to chose from!)

Even if you haven’t been participating in DeDoWriMo you can join this competition!  For each activity you’ll get a point.  The points equal your name being entered in a drawing the evening of December 18th. The winner will be announced on the 19th!

How do you earn these points?  Do any of the following things -you can repeat these activities, just let me know what you’ve done!

*Write 500 words on your project.

*Edit 3 paragraphs.

*Spend 1 hour focused on your project.

*Host a word-sprint

How is the writing going?  Are you making good progress on your project?


(It’s not too late to sign up to join DeDoWriMo!  If you want to join please let us know what your goals are!)


9 thoughts on “#DeDoWriMo Day 11 – External Motivation”

  1. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as DeDoWriMo. I love the idea of a do-over for those who got overwhelmed. I’m rooting for you!


  2. Bah, why end the contest so early? I’ll only have two and a bit days to participate in it. (Final paper due 5 pm on the 16th.)

    However, I’ve definitely done the first one at least once since Dec. 1. Possibly twice. (I’d have to check the file on my other computer to know for sure.) Number three won’t come into it until after my paper’s in…and number two is unlikely to happen, since writing is the goal for me. (Four is an outright impossibility…)


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