#DeDoWriMo Day 6: Try Something New

November 28, 2015 21648 PM PST

Almost done with the first week!  How is it going?

I’ll admit, my progress has been kind of slow.  I’m well behind the amount of words I should have written and I haven’t managed to write every day this week.  So I set some goals to improve this week.  I want to get more comfortable with my character, whatever it takes.  I started the story in the first person — not a style I’ve written in often, but it seemed like a good style for the type of story I wanted to write. But it’s proving to be a struggle, so this week I’m shifting things.  Instead of continuing in first person I’m going to switch to close-third, without going back and changing anything I’ve already done. I know eventually the story will find where it actually belongs – but if I keep tripping over myself on it then I’ll never make progress and never get the story out.

Sometimes, when the wall has been hit, something new has to be tried.

Have you found yourself trying something new this week?

It’s not too late to sign up for DeDoWriMo !  If you want to join please let us know what your goals are!


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