#DeDoWriMo: Day 5 – Progress

“Progress is made only into a resisting material.” – C.S. Lewis

Thanks Hannah for the quote.!

November 28, 2015 21648 PM PSTEvery time I sit down to write I find myself hitting a wall – I don’t know these characters very well yet, and I’m writing outside of my comfort zone a bit.  I hate that feeling of staring at a page and questioning every word, so I end up avoiding the page altogether… which means I will never get anywhere. I need to break through and just put down the words, no matter how worried I am that what I’m writing isn’t any good.

What progress are you making? What obstacles are you facing?

 I’ll be updating everyone’s progress this weekend on the Progress page, so let me know!

(It’s not too late to sign up either!  If you want to join please let us know what your goals are!)


3 thoughts on “#DeDoWriMo: Day 5 – Progress”

  1. Currently, my obstacle is a 3000 word paper due on Thursday. (I should be working on that right now, but it’s dinner break.) Then my obstacle will be a 25 page paper, due on, uh…the 15th. (Whatever day of the week that happens to be…) Once *that* is turned in, I’ll be able to devote my time to noveling. For the moment, I’ve only been able to spare a couple hundred words, and I probably shouldn’t have done even that…


  2. Progress: Finished development logs, created new charts, built the structure for the series Bible, figured out the history of a new race, did an origin story for Reynard. Not sure those profiles are going to work. Obstacles: My landlord is an ass. I’ve officially surpassed my goal amounts already so need to re-think that.


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