#DeDoWriMo Day 4: Distractions, Distractions, Distractions…

November 28, 2015 21648 PM PSTFriday!!
The first weekend of DeDoWriMo approaches… I’m hoping to run some Word-Sprints this weekend if anyone wants to join me come on over – I’m @nerissarain and will use #DeDoWriMo, #Wordsprints.

I haven’t made huge progress this week, but certainly have made some and have big hopes for the weekend.

It will require focus… ignoring the distractions that are all over the place…

Focus sometimes requires willpower, deciding what we really want — keeping our eye on the goal.  I’m looking to this picture to remind me of this:

20151129_121854 (2)


See, Skipper has learned to ignore the distractions… he really wanted the food I had, and was not going to be distracted by the duck-toy.  My Food (though an impossible goal) was what needed his attention and he was not going to be distracted by the duck.

What distractions are you dealing with in your work?  Are you making progress towards your goals?  I’ll be updating everyone’s progress this weekend on the Progress page, so let me know!

(It’s not too late to sign up either!  If you want to join please, toss your hat into the ring!)

What do you think?

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