#DeDoWriMo: Day 2: Reading Inspiration!

November 28, 2015 21648 PM PST

I got the idea for the novel I’m working on in October, when I started to re-read some of the Middle Grade Ghost stories that used to scare me.  It had been years since I’d read some of them, but soon I was plowing through a bunch of books by authors I had liked, such as Mary Downing Hahn and Betty Ren Wright.  Those books inspired me to try my hand at a Middle Grade Ghost Story — after years of writing YA and adult Fantasy I’ve decided to return to the kind of books that I still love to indulge in.

What kind of books or writing have inspired your writing projects this month?  How are you doing on meeting those writing goals?

(It’s not too late to sign up either!  If you want to join please, toss your hat into the ring!)


7 thoughts on “#DeDoWriMo: Day 2: Reading Inspiration!”

  1. For this one I was actually inspired by Robin Hood. There’s a billion versions of Robin Hood, of course, but I still strongly associate him with swashbuckling daring do and light-hearted justice. Shortly before Nano started I dreamed about a Hood-like character who was flagrantly gay and it’s what cinched my decision to Nano this year. I just really wanted to write a story about him. I got 52k words in and won, but the story isn’t done. Right now I have 3,750 words of the rewritten chapter 1 and 2,300 words added to the first draft. Also, while I had set out to write a light-hearted story, November was too dark a month and I ended up with a fairly somber mood and every character a shade of gray. ^^;


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