We Need To Speak Out.

There is an awful lot of pretty horrific stuff going on in our world right now. I find myself reflecting on the history of xenophobia, racism, and religious exclusion that my country has, and the ways in which I see those same things playing out again and again.

I find myself listening to the words of potential leaders of my country, and of regular people on the street, and friends-of-friends on social media, and I shudder at what I hear. I cringe and bite back my tongue.

I shouldn’t though. We shouldn’t be holding back our outrage. The phrase “silent majority” gets tossed around a lot, and it’s important that we don’t remain silent. I don’t often voice my political opinions — I shy away from a lot of those discussions because I am far better with the written word than the spoken word and tend to get frustrated and flustered when people aren’t listening. And, honestly, it seems like there is often a saturation of people saying what I would say already.

However, there reaches a point where the voices out there aren’t enough — where everyone needs to speak out against what they see happening. Even if it seems like a saturation exists.

We need to keep speaking out. Repetitively writing and talking about the parallels, about the dangers, about what we are seeing.  We need to call and write our elected leaders, speak up and speak out.  We need to stand up when individuals are talking in ways that are fear- and heat-driven. We need to stand up and speak out against xenophobia, racism, religion-based and identity-based hatred.

We need to raise our voices. We need to speak out.  I, for one, refuse to be on the wrong side of history. I refuse to be someone who sat idly by while fears are played up to help individuals achieve more power. I think about the history I have studied, how many people throughout history have willingly looked the other way, have thought “it can’t happen here,” about one thing or another while the situation was building so it DID happen there.

The details of the arguments are better left to people with more political understanding and finesse than I. I have learned that I am not one to take a front-line stand on something, but I am great at supporting those who do. At adding my voice to others, and to helping “boost the signal” when it is called for. It’s important to know our strengths, where and how we can help in the face of wrongdoings. Please, find those strengths. Figure out how you can help fight against injustice and make a stand.

Raise your voice. Continue to raise your voice. Continue to speak — even if it is something that has been said before, even if you don’t feel you can add something new or insightful. And, most importantly, make sure you are doing more than just sitting there re-posting. Contact elected officials, participate in rallies, and vote. Raise your voice and take action.


2 thoughts on “We Need To Speak Out.”

  1. sometimes it feels like there’s too much to say. World leaders whether bribed or just plain evil pit us all against each other. The media elites don’t want to be left out in the cold and play along. The average person is bombarded and berated every time they dare step out of line and ask a challenging question–in public!!How dare they!

    I agree with you. We may not be the best debaters but some of the best have led us to horrible war and cruelty. It’s time (in the US) for us to see that there is very little difference with the “right” and “left” in national politics–both sides are paid by the same bankers, etc.

    But I still believe we can make a difference locally.


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