Until the End of the Year…

I totally missed last Wednesday’s post… It was actually intentional – I just neglected to follow through on my plan to let everyone here know that I wasn’t going to be posting it!

Thankfully, a friend checked in with me and reminded me that I hadn’t actually told you all that I wouldn’t be posting.

Through the end of December things will be a bit different here. I’m hoping to still Celebrate the Small Things on Fridays, and to invite you all to join me for coffee on the weekends, but my normal Wednesday posts will be a bit less predictable. There will, of course, be an Insecure Writers Support Group post for the First Wednesday of December, and a Passionate Geeks post for the Second Wednesday — but the rest of them may or may not have posts.

I am planning to have the occasional writing check-in post through December, as I try to manage DeDoWriMo and provide a place for others to share their December Writing progress as well. But I am hoping to put a lot of writing energy into a novel draft, and want to do some rearranging and cleaning up around the blog to get ready for the new year. So posting between now and January first may be a bit more sporadic as I plan and re-focus myself.

Just wanted to keep you all updated!

What do you think?

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