If We Were Having Coffee – DeDoWriMo! Yes, it’s a thing.. now…


If we were having coffee I’d tell you that this week had been, once again, a strange week.  I’ve been fighting a bug, which in of itself is not that strange, but the fact this one was accompanied by serious dizziness (so much so that I was taking time off of work). I ended up the doctor who diagnosed me with the very fancy sounding: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.  Basically there was some loose debris in my inner ear which was setting me out of balance. There were some exercises that I did which set everything back in place pretty quickly!  I kind of saw it as being akin to those old marble games where you are trying to get the marble to balance in a little hold created by the flimsy cardboard insert 🙂

If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’ve officially had to step myself out of NaNoWriMo — I had a really good start, but the month has been too ridiculous to keep on top of things. However, December… December is actually a great month for me to write, other than one crazy week, work is pretty low-key and I have a number of days off thanks to the holidays. There isn’t any extended family coming to town, and there are only a few holiday events to go to.

I was talking to some friends and a few of them are looking at trying to do a bunch of writing in December as well so… December will be DeDoWriMo (I’m thinking of it as December Do-Over Writing Month, or.. maybe December, DO WRITING, Month…) I’ll put up more about it later this month, but am looking forward to the idea of a group of people also writing with similar goals — it really can help me keep going with the projects I’m working on.  One of my primary goals with it is to be able to end the year feeling good about my writing, having accomplished some things right at the end of the year to set myself up for a successful writing year to come.

How has your week been?  Do you have anything exciting coming up?  If you’re in the US are you doing anything exciting for Thanksgiving?

Today’s post is a part of the Weekend Coffee Share, graciously hosted by Part Time Monster every weekend. A time for us to come together, share a cup of coffee (or our beverage of choice) to share some of what is going on in our lives.  It’s a lovely check-in!

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22 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee – DeDoWriMo! Yes, it’s a thing.. now…”

    1. I am kind of hoping to take advantage of the Thanksgiving Weekend to square away some blogging projects, and then use December for fiction drafting AND more blogging (and reorganizing my blog a bit… cleaning it up some, though that may have to wait until January). It seems like November’s been a rough month for a lot of people when it comes to writing.

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  1. I know several people who have vertigo and do exercises. Hope you stay un-dizzy from now on! 🙂

    My week flew by. I have a feeling the rest of the year will be like that. Hope you get a bunch of writing done in December!


  2. Sympathies on the vertigo. My mother and several of us, the next generation, are dealing with it.

    I also had writing derailed by activities (and health); My plan had [been to get a poem or a sketch for one written each]
    day in November. December is much more reasonable for our household, since we do not entertain or travel during the holiday season. It would be nice to do so in the company of others engaged in like pursuits.

    Best wishes for your week!

    [Edited to fix a posting error 🙂 ]


    1. Oh, that was disheartening. Part of my comment disappeared. It should have read that I had hoped to get a poem or a sketch for one written each day during November. Ah, well!


    2. I can’t imagine having to deal with Vertigo on a regular basis — the couple of days I had it were a real challenge for me.

      Hopefully December will be better for all of us who didn’t get to meet our writing plans in November! I’m looking forward to some community during the month – that’s part of what I most appreciate about NaNo but I just couldn’t manage it this year. 🙂

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      1. Be aware that positional vertigo _may_ recur. Just do the exercises again, and it will go away. 🙂 I dare say, a “daily* check-in for those writing tomes may be burdensome. Not so much for those of us writing shorter works, even though, perhaps, more of them..

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        1. Yeah.. I’m prepared to do the exercises as needed!
          Daily check-ins are hard, but there are so many ways to connect — other people writing in December might be available on Twitter for word-sprints, and the ability to just connect from time to time 🙂

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  3. Sorry to hear about the dizziness/illness, but it’s good that they were able to turn your head to and fro and set it right! I love the idea of DeDoWriMo! I gave myself today off from writing, even though I have 6000+ words I should be writing before the 23rd :[ I wrote so much last week I’m a little burned out. But I’ll get back on the horse again.

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    1. DeDoWriMo will be so much fun (I hope!) It’s actually been nice to know that I have that new goal to look forward to and can keep my focus this month on some of the other things that I’ve been needing to do (for a few months on some of them) in order to be able to focus better (some SERIOUS sorting and cleaning has been being put off for far too long).
      Good luck on the writing goals you have for this month – you can do it!


  4. Once I get home late Sunday I plan on writing as close to non stop as I possibly can. It might work. I’m at 23k now. So I’m still trying. I guess you can say I’m stubborn. Not giving up. I have only written 2200 words since a week ago and won’t get to write until Monday. But I’m not giving up.

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    1. You can do it! Honestly, until about the 15th of this month I still wasn’t willing to give up on making it for NaNo – even though I only had about 3,000 words. And I know that I probably still COULD manage it, if I really pushed it… but with the promise of a December where I can set the same goals I am liking that I can focus the rest of my November on some serious cleaning and organizing 🙂
      I’m rooting for you – you can make those words up!

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  5. Glad your vertigo fixed so quickly. It can be a nasty thing and take some people ages. I like your positive thoughts re moving your writing to December and love the name. I bet there would be quite a few people who would join in that. You at least started, I can’t even say that.


    1. I went to a NaNo Kick-off event, which is where all the writing really took place — then the month took over and I didn’t make any progress. December will be a start-over for me, and I’m hoping it serves me well. 🙂

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  6. Thanks very much for the coffee. Sorry to hear about your vertigo but good you’re on the mend. I have avoided all this Nano madness and the inherent guilt.I lost momentum with my writing after a severe hailstorm damaged our roof and the rain poured into my office and a week down the track, I’m just starting to reassemble things and am still cleaning. It is quite annoying getting derailed like this but that’s as much a part of writing as actually getting the words out. I’m now realising that it’s a matter of being able to take these unplanned breaks, experienced derailment and yet somehow get back on track. I have much to learn! xx Rowena


    1. Most of the time NaNo’s been good for me – but this year it just wasn’t meant to be. When life happens you’ve got to roll with it!! I think the trick really is figuring out how to get back on track — I’ve had a lot of derailments over the past few months and part of what I am hoping to do between now and the end of the year is set myself up so that it’s easier to get back on track when they happen. Not 100% sure just HOW I will do that, but that’s part of what December is for 🙂

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      1. I agree with you Alli on both the need to get back on track and the difficulty with the how. It’s Summer here and all our end of year festivities are coming up so I won’t have great expectations at my end but I would like to get back to where I was before the storm. I really was making good headway and firing on all cylinders.


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