Who Would You Be?

Corina talks about some of her costumes and asks what your favorite is! Mine is still the pink-princess outfit my dad made me one year, sewn by him, with a conical hat with a ribbon, big sleeves, and sparkles on the hem! I still have the dress somewhere in a memory box.

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

Eclectic Alli is talking Halloween costumes over on her blog. It made me think about some of my favorite costumes.

First I’ll tell you about the first Halloween costume I wore when I was a couple of months shy of two years old. I actually remember the night. My mom had made me a black cat costume. She doesn’t sew. The costume was made of black crepe paper and something or other for the tail. My face was painted into a kitty cat with whiskers.  For trick-or-treating, I ran around from house to house keeping up with the older brothers and sister. I clearly remember the running, yes running not walking, from one house to the next. People made a big fuss over me because I was so little. At one point, the tail got in my way so I just yanked it off and kept running, not caring…

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