Halloween Decorations!

Decorations are important, of course, to a good Halloween party!  There are plenty of decorations you can buy at the store, but it can also be fun to make your own.  Our house always had homemade decorations in it – various things that we made in school.

This year I decided to try making some different kinds of decorations!  I had a lot of leaves outside, so I gathered some to see what I could do with them.


I tried a few of the Pinterst suggestions, but… some of them failed miserably.  Leaves didn’t particularly want to bend and stick together they way I wanted them to.  I did manage to get some to stick to a mason jar, which looked pretty nice when I put a candle in it!

20151024_193443 20151024_193423

The decoration I thought was the coolest, though, was the leaf-wreath!  I wove together the stems of a number of the leaves, winding them together to form a wreath!

Close up of the weaving in process.
The finished product!! I hung it on a wall at first.
But.. the next day they started to dry and curl.. so I decided they were better as a table-decoration!


I had a lot of fun putting together these two decorations — what kind of decorations do you enjoy around Halloween?



What do you think?

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