Halloween Snacks!

Dorothy brings you healthier snack!

So… some people seem to think that sweets doesn’t make a meal and there should be other options present….

Fine, fine, I will pretend that mud-pie and rice-crispy pumpkins do not a dinner make.

How about some bat-shaped tortilla chips?

These are pretty easy to make (though I think I should have cooked them for a little bit of a shorter amount of time).  I used a bat-shaped cookie cutter on some corn-tortillas.  You can probably get more of them out of a flour-tortilla but… I can’t eat those so it wouldn’t have made sense to use 🙂


I took the bat-shapes and laid them out on a cookie sheet, putting butter on both sides of the shapes and then put them in the oven for a little while (350 for 15 minutes was a little too long). The end results get sprinkled with salt and are pretty yummy!

Apple-Teeth were another Pinterest suggestion.


These were pretty simple too: Slice an apple up, put peanut butter between two slices and add “teeth.”  They suggested yogurt-covered raisins… but I didn’t have any so I used marshmallows instead. To add a little spookiness I turned two of them into fangs with “blood.” 🙂

Finally I realized that I had these corn tortilla’s that had bats cut out of them so… I decided to add some cheese! (with an un-cut tortilla on the bottom.


Cook these for some yummy and thematically appropriate quesadillas!


Do you have any favorite Not-sweets- Halloween treats?


5 thoughts on “Halloween Snacks!”

  1. I would totally make these chips. I make my own, cutting up tortillas but haven’t made them into shapes. By the way, try rubbing the butter in the pan you use instead of buttering the individual tortillas.


    1. It would be! If you are in a community where you can hand out home-made treats (I remember a few of my neighbors that we knew would make homemade treats for us while they gave out wrapped candy to everyone else) It would be awesome! I’m sure they could be individually wrapped for easier carrying 🙂


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